Energy opportunity

For 7½ years, Gov. Paul LePage has decried Maine’s high energy costs and worked to address both supply and cost issues for businesses and homeowners. In his recent weekly radio address, the governor sent out a request for experts to provide more insight into the rapidly changing energy landscape. He asked how Maine might address the issue of increased demand for renewable energy.

The governor also asked “Maine’s electric utilities, gas utilities and consumer electricity groups to identify issues to be considered by his administration [and the next] to reduce the energy costs and improve the lives of Maine citizens.”

The proposed Central Maine Power transmission line from Quebec to the grid in Lewiston would connect Maine — and New England — to the massive Hydro-Quebec electricity supply at a time when other states in the Northeast are begging for renewable energy. That project represents a significant opportunity.

We already receive half of our weather from Canada, and much more of our energy than folks generally realize. Canada has power options. Americans have power needs. Maine has the opportunity to become the Northeastern electricity highway for hydro, natural gas and, yes, carbon-based fuels from Canada to the energy-starved metro areas to our south.

As requested by the governor, the experts also need to share their energy ideas to help formulate a vital energy plan for our beloved state of Maine.

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