Energy incompetence

To the Editor:

The current administration’s approach to the energy situation in this country is both short-sighted and wrong. How much longer are we going to let energy policy be dictated by the industry itself? Are we not ready to move into the 21st century?

Consider coal. First, we have the cost of mining. Include human costs to health and degradation of the environment. Next, we have delivery costs, be it by rail or truck. Further, after the generators are built, add the cost of waste disposal and air pollutants.

Repeat this sequence for either oil or gas. Don’t forget to include leaks and spill cleanup. Oil is useful for lots of things, but using it for energy is last-century technology.

Wind and solar power are delivered for free. There are no disposal fees. Developing these resources can employ far more people than all the fossil fuel industries. Isn’t it time to follow in the path of other countries that are well on their way to energy independence? Remember, the Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones.

Michael Macfarlane


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