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To the Editor:

As we start another school year in the MDI High School’s SUN program (serving students with unique needs), I would publicly thank the many members of our community who have supported our students in the last 12 months.

One of the primary goals of the SUN program is to assure that as our students with cognitive and developmental disabilities graduate from high school, they have a bright future to look forward to.

Recently, Local Solutions rallied and worked for several years to assure that our young adults with disabilities have a place to call home in our community. I applaud their tenacity and vision! Our recent graduates and our community will reap the benefit for years to come.

In addition to supported living situations, individuals with disabilities also need access to meaningful employment options. Since September of 2016, the following local businesses have opened their doors to us: EBS Town Hill (Dan Curtis), Common Good Kitchen (the late Larry Stetner and Chef Lori), Flexit Cafe (Paul Markosian and team), Harbor House Children’s Center (Mary Ellen Martell and the teaching team), Kids Corner Children’s Center (Lori Krupke and the teaching team), Neighborhood House community lunch program (Suzie James and NHH community), Somesville On the Run (John Wood and the SOS crew), Sonogee Rehabilitation & Living Center (Robert Childs, Annette Euell and the kitchen staff) and West Street Cafe (Jessica and Kevin DesVeaux and team).

They have provided rigorous work experiences, supportive feedback and opportunities that could not be replicated in a school setting. We are grateful for these partnerships.

We are always looking for new opportunities to connect our students to the world beyond the school doors. If you, or your business, are interested in finding out more about being a SUN partner during the 2017-18 school year, contact us at MDI High School.

Kelley Sanborn

SUN room teacher

For SUN program staff

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