Emergency room kudos

To the Editor:

I would like to commend the emergency room staff at Mount Desert Island Hospital in Bar Harbor that was on duty Memorial Day afternoon.

While doing some woodworking, I had a misadventure with my table saw and lacerated part of the little finger on my right hand. My wife got me immediately to the emergency room, and upon walking in, the staff took over.

They were not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, they were kind and supportive. They recognized my mild shock and helped me into an examining room to lie down. They then cleaned and stitched up the wound, all-the-while explaining what they were doing. The wound was carefully dressed, including a splint.

As I was leaving, they gave me a CD with my x-rays and instructions for when I got home to Massachusetts. I followed their instructions, and it does look like my finger will recover with only a small scar (other fingers crossed).

Kudos to the wonderful MDI Hospital staff.

Nick Miller

Acton, Mass.

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