Election sanctity

To the Editor:

Friends, I address you not as a loyal Democrat, nor as a nonpartisan public administrator. I address you, rather, as a fellow patriot – and no summer soldier like those Patrick Henry derided, but as someone who’s never shied away from any fight on behalf of my country.

The late remarks of the Republican nominee for president and our governor about the potential for malfeasance in the general election are alarmingly inaccurate to say the least. And lest anyone accuse me of being partisan, I’m just as outraged at statements issued by the FBI and Homeland Security – overseen by the Democratic administration – about the possibility of our elections systems being hacked by dark forces abroad.

They haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. How many elections, really, are run by the FBI?

All of this is claptrap and emanates either from uninformed sources or dishonest ones. We have much to be proud of in the conduct of our elections; thanks to the tireless devotion of our town elections officials and the unimpeachable integrity of our state elections officials, we run some of the finest elections in the world.

Friends, ignore the scandalous lies being whispered around you. The dead will not be voting this fall; nothing is rigged, and if a foreign power destroyed our databases tomorrow, every qualified citizen would be able to cast a vote and have it counted on Election Day.

Now is the time to speak boldly about our future. Now is the time for action; now is our time to clap the hammer of our hopes and dreams against the bell of liberty and let it be known throughout the world that we are a free people, and that our government of, by and for the people is yet the strongest the world has ever known.

Do not let fear dissuade you; do not be coaxed into believing your vote will not matter, or that it has no value. You are the strongest part of our national might when you cast your vote.

Stand and fight. Your country needs you.

Matthew Dunlap

Secretary of State


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