• Proceed with caution

    The Bar Harbor Town Council has acted in the best interests of voters and the town as a whole by deciding against placing a conflicting zoning change on the June town meeting ballot. At the direction of the council, the total ordinance recodification currently scheduled for the ballot contains language requiring planning board site plan

  • No pain, no gain

    An announcement last week that Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park is scheduled to be shut down for two months this spring raised concerns in some quarters that tourism might be adversely affected. A closer examination of the actual plan, coupled with the reality of the work scheduled to be done, suggests any impact should

  • Commerce, connections, creativity

    Officials in both Bar Harbor and Mount Desert are exploring options concerning the establishment of municipal broadband Internet networks. Fiber optic technology can provide Internet access speeds far in excess of cable and DSL via phone lines, the only choices currently available. Officials understand that there is little incentive for current broadband provider Time Warner

  • More hydropower

    For the first time since 1992, Maine now has an inventory of existing and potential hydropower resources. A study recently completed for the Governor’s Energy Office identified 110 sites at powered and non-powered dams with the potential for installation of 193 megawatts of additional capacity. Based on current market conditions, the study concluded that only

  • Plow crew kudos

    It seems like snow banks along area roads have never been higher than this winter. Those piles stand as a fitting testament to the dedication and hard work of dozens of plow drivers, heavy equipment operators and mechanics, as area public works departments have toiled away in blizzards and sub-zero conditions to keep our roads

  • Breathing easier

    Dealing with winter’s heavy snowfall, slippery roads and bitter cold is hard enough in Maine without worrying whether or not you are safe sleeping in your own bed. Six people in Saco were sickened by carbon monoxide on Monday. And, as a near tragedy in Bar Harbor last week illustrates, people need to take every

  • Make-up time

    What a winter this has been. Upwards of six feet of snow with no end in sight. This year’s numerous storms have especially impacted local schools, where five snow days already have been logged. Two of those days wisely were made up before the Christmas holiday break. Plans now call for the next three to

  • One person’s trash is another’s treasure

    Plans for a multi-million dollar renovation of Bar Harbor’s solid waste transfer station were unveiled at the town council meeting last week. The site is in serious need of an upgrade to make it more user-friendly for the public and more efficient for the town to operate. As discussions proceed, there are other factors that

  • Wind power and CO2

    Wind power advocates supporting the proliferation of giant turbines on the hills and mountains of Maine often describe them as an essential response to global warming, claiming that they will contribute in a major way to the reduction of CO2 emissions. They downplay or simply ignore the fact that electricity generation in Maine – the

  • Tax flexibility

    Governor Paul LePage has introduced his biennial budget with a goal of reducing Maine’s personal income tax rate. He has proposed a variety of ways to make up the difference in revenue, both with a rate increase and a broadening of the sales tax, as well as reductions in expenditures such as municipal revenue sharing.