• Trump’s allure

    Critics of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, and there are many, shake their heads and wonder how someone known more for his bombastic antics and outrageous statements than for his policies and positions could be doing so well in pre-primary polls. A look beyond the political litmus tests often used to judge candidates, however, suggests

  • Signs of the times

    For years, towns on Mount Desert Island have embraced tight controls over commercial signage. Those local rules, in combination with state regulations limiting and standardizing off-premise signs, have prevented MDI’s roadsides from becoming obscured by hundreds of gaudy signs hawking everything from discount lobster dinners to wool trapper’s blankets. A recent controversy over the placement

  • Highway funding

    Congress recently approved another stopgap mechanism by which the federal government will fund transportation spending for three more months while senators and representatives take their August break. That is just one more example of the penchant our elected leaders have for kicking the can down the road, rather than resolving a problem. Since its creation

  • Bureaucratic roadblocks

    People in the town of Trenton have every right to feel frustrated over the way in which their desire to have a small floating dock and tiny public picnic park at the seaplane ramp at the Hancock County Airport has been handled by multiple layers of government. The seaplane ramp is used only a handful

  • Bienvenue, bienvenida, willkommen to Acadia

    An increasing number of tourists from countries around the world visit Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island every year. While modest in the past, the percentage of visitors from Europe and Asia now joining those from Canada and Mexico at national parks nationwide is increasing. Park officials have discussed how better to accommodate these

  • Unnecessary oversight

    Southwest Harbor selectmen recently discussed assigning board members as official “liaisons” to various groups and committees within the community. Of particular interest was a suggestion that one of the selectmen be assigned to keep an eye on the school board and attend all their meetings. On its face, this seems a perfectly harmless and innocent

  • An acknowledgment

    Of the three primary founders of Acadia National Park, only two, George Dorr and Charles Eliot, have Mount Desert Island geographical features named for them. Dorr Mountain is located beside Cadillac near Bar Harbor. Eliot Mountain overlooks Northeast Harbor from the east. The contributions of a third major benefactor, the man who helped fund many

  • Iran progress

    “We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region,” President Barack Obama said of an agreement reached last week between Iran and seven world powers – the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union – to limit Iran’s controversial nuclear program for at least a decade. We

  • A community’s center

    Harbor House Community Service Center in Southwest Harbor turns 50 this year. Perhaps most remarkable about that milestone is the fact that it seems so unremarkable. Over the five decades of its proud service to Southwest Harbor, Tremont and the wider Mount Desert Island community, Harbor House has managed to integrate itself into a dizzying

  • Clothes washing woes

    With the recent announcement that Bar Harbor’s longest operating coin laundry may close, the community faces the very real prospect of no convenient place for hundreds of folks to wash and dry their clothes. While much of the discussion surrounding that unfortunate prospect has focused on the high cost of water and sewer services, the