• Clothes washing woes

    With the recent announcement that Bar Harbor’s longest operating coin laundry may close, the community faces the very real prospect of no convenient place for hundreds of folks to wash and dry their clothes. While much of the discussion surrounding that unfortunate prospect has focused on the high cost of water and sewer services, the

  • Schoodic acquisition

    If all goes according to plan, the Schoodic Woods campground development near Winter Harbor will open to the public in late summer. The facility is being built by Schoodic Woods LLC – a partnership of Lyme Timber Co. and a private family foundation. Scheduled to open on Sept. 4, the campground will be operated by

  • Freedom of despicable speech

    A recent situation at the Maple Lane Apartments in Northeast Harbor serves as a perfect illustration of the societal fortitude required when upholding the principles of free speech guaranteed in the Constitution’s First Amendment. A Northeast Harbor man included several small Confederate Battle Flags as part of a much larger display on the door of

  • Rethinking fireworks

    Recreational use of fireworks has been legal in Maine for four years now. Fireworks have proliferated to the point that around the Fourth of July, the flash and noise of displays seems to issue from every quarter. And the use is not constrained to the holiday period alone. Camp owners on numerous lakes report near

  • Minimal benefits

    Several good reasons exist to oppose the proliferation of giant windmills on Maine’s ridges and mountains. Recently, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIF&W) added yet another one in its recommendation that the Weaver Wind farm proposed by SunEdison in the towns of Eastbrook and Osborn be rejected. The department cited what it

  • Fun on Fourth no accident

    Early reports from around Mount Desert Island are that the Fourth of July this year may have set records for the number of people who turned out to share the holiday. Accommodating that many people and handling large crowds in places like Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor requires months of pre-planning. While July Fourth may

  • Walking the plank

    By putting partisan political pettiness above statesmanship, Republican Governor Paul LePage has shaken the public’s faith in his leadership. His threat to withhold $1.06 million in state funding from Good Will-Hinckley unless the school reversed its appointment of Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves as school head crossed a line that offended even the governor’s own

  • Shocking report

    A recent state auditor’s report calling Hancock County Commissioners to task for their handling of county finances contains shocking assertions. It suggests that the commissioners deliberately have been working to drain away all power and authority from the elected county treasurer position and install that instead in the office of a paid bureaucrat – the

  • A loss of trust

    Several roadside entrepreneurs that sell firewood to seasonal campers on Mount Desert Island have reported their cash boxes being rifled during recent weeks. Unfortunately that pattern of theft seems to be on the upswing in Maine. One of the enduring charms of such operations, whether they sell firewood, vegetables, cut flowers or fresh eggs, is

  • A sense of arrival

    Officials in Acadia National Park have begun a series of meetings seeking public opinion on various issues, as they begin crafting a formal transportation plan. The problems faced by the park are formidable. Those include congestion on narrow sections of the Park Loop Road, the challenge of directing visitors to less visited sections of the