• Quiet enjoyment

    One of the central precepts of society is that people have the right to the quiet enjoyment of their property. It holds that legal remedies should be available for those who are aggrieved by disturbances created by neighbors or allowed to continue by landlords. For residents in one area of Town Hill, repeated late-night gunplay

  • Single bus system

    Mount Desert Island school officials should be encouraged to explore the creation of a single school bus system. Currently, student transportation on the island is governed by a complex web of contracts. Because each town operates independently, there is significant inefficiency in the way routes are designed and operated. The six main towns in the

  • False promise

    Members of the Legislature’s Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs are considering a recently released study asserting that Maine can sustain one, and perhaps two, new casinos. That finding can’t be regarded as much of a surprise when one considers its source, WhiteSand Gaming, an international consulting firm that works hand in glove with the

  • Otter Creek compromise

    The spirit of cooperation and compromise shown by Acadia National Park officials and representatives of the company wishing to locate a cell phone tower near the park’s Blackwoods Campground in Otter Creek should serve as a model for future interactions. Residents of Otter Creek and those just offshore have a great interest in improved service,

  • Coral gardens

    The announcement last week that University of Maine and NOAA researchers had discovered underwater coral gardens deep under the sea off Mount Desert Island clearly demonstrates that we still have much to learn about the Gulf of Maine. Prior to the release of photos of colorful corals and anemones, most folks held the impression that

  • Everywhere a sign

    Some seasonal residents of Mount Desert have begun a petition drive to voice objection to a series of way-finding signs recently erected in the community. Some complaints have focused on the number of signs; others on their appearance. There is no question that the unpainted pressure-treated posts and bare backs of many of the signs,

  • Mutual effort

    Efforts to extinguish a stubborn fire on Sept. 2 at the Portside Grill restaurant in Bar Harbor, while preventing its spread to other downtown buildings, required personnel from nine area communities and millions of dollars of apparatus. Meanwhile, volunteer firefighters from other towns throughout the county provided coverage for the towns having sent responders to

  • A deliberate approach

    Selectmen in Mount Desert and town councilors in Bar Harbor are to be congratulated for the deliberative approach they have taken in discussions concerning greater law enforcement cooperation. Slow and steady wins the race here. There are many facets to consider even with the experience of other towns in Maine serving as a guide. In

  • Thinking ahead

    At a recent meeting, Bar Harbor Town Councilor David Bowden urged the town to consider extending the public sewer lines north from Hulls Cove, when Route 3 is rebuilt in two years. That idea had been rejected previously when casual cost estimates were calculated. A management decision was made not to spend the money. But

  • Aerial annoyances

    Bar Harbor Police received a handful of calls one morning recently when several unusual aircraft were spotted buzzing about town. They also have been seen in parts of Trenton although prohibited by law from operating in controlled airspace, such as around the Hancock County Airport. For most folks, the appearance of these powered parachutes sparked