• A unified district

    School officials around Mount Desert Island have been discussing the possibility of consolidating business operations into a single entity. Doing so makes sense for a variety of reasons. It is a logical next step in a process that began several years ago with the standardization of salaries and job descriptions across all district schools. The

  • Children and hunting

    Commencing in January, there no longer will be a minimum age for hunting in Maine. Those under age 10 have been legally prohibited from shooting wildlife. Under changes in law passed in the last legislative session, there is no minimum age for a child hunter, provided he or she is “under the effective control” of

  • The not-so-off season

    For decades, it has been the goal of Mount Desert Island’s business community to increase activity in the “shoulder seasons” on either side of peak summer. The theory was that by eventually starting the season earlier in the spring and extending to later in the fall, something closer to a full-time, year-round economy could be

  • Parking proposition

    Bar Harbor officials have begun deliberation on a proposal to charge for parking downtown, at least seasonally. The goal is to fund a proposed parking garage on what’s known as the Backyard Lot, behind the Criterion Theatre and the West Street Hotel. Even with provisions for parking permits for people living on downtown residential streets,

  • Price Gouging

    One simple action by the United States Congress could lower the cost of health care for millions of Americans and take a major step toward returning one of the nation’s largest entitlement programs to solvency. All Congress need do is enact legislation allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, as is done in

  • World-class science

    World-class science happens every day on Mount Desert Island. It can be found in the efforts of researchers at The Jackson Laboratory and the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, in classrooms at College of the Atlantic, in the wilds of Acadia National Park and in the waters of Frenchman Bay. None of this, of course,

  • Critical access

    Mount Desert officials are considering an array of options for making full broadband internet available in that community. Doing so will not be easy due to the town’s many distinct small villages and widely-spaced – and sometimes remote – residences in rural areas. Prices for the various options range from a few hundred thousand dollars

  • A great neighbor

    Acadia National Park has been, and continues to be, an unprecedented success. That didn’t happen overnight. Most come for the spectacular scenery where the ocean meets the rockbound coast of Maine. But the beauty of our coast was mostly unknown, except among mariners and a privileged few, until some people from away pooled their imaginations,

  • Easing gridlock

    Recent traffic accidents in Hancock County illustrate how vulnerable motorists, both residents and visitors, are to roads being cut off while rescues are underway or investigations conducted. It’s a fact of life in Down East Maine that there often is only one route to islands or many peninsulas. When that route gets blocked, potentially thousands

  • Cadillac congestion

    Congestion on the road to the summit and in the parking lots at the top of Cadillac Mountain reached critical levels several times this summer. While much of the attention has been focused on the impact of larger vehicles, such as tour buses, the primary cause is simple – too many cars. From a visitation