• What’s fair

    We on Mount Desert Island are fortunate to have excellent public schools. They are great schools because of students who challenge and inspire one another, because of outstanding and dedicated teachers, staff and administrators and because of the thriving, diverse communities the schools serve. Residents of island towns are invested in their public schools. Almost

  • Recrimination doesn’t solve problems

    To date, Governor Paul LePage has vetoed (or let pass without his signature) 235 bills from the Legislature. If one were to seek his governing philosophy, there is no better place to look than his veto messages. The state constitution provides that a governor may approve a measure passed by the Legislature or return the

  • Editorial: Leafy invaders

    With evidence that invasive watermilfoils are carried to our waters from contaminated bodies of water in other states, visitors and residents should each do their part to spare us from an infestation that could permanently alter our scenic waters. Much of Maine’s summer economy is based on the respite and enjoyment offered by the lakes,

  • Editorial: More speech

    Mainers traditionally do not take differences personally. We all can learn from healthy debate. Twice in the last two weeks, public assemblies in Bar Harbor have drawn complaints from those who would prefer to keep national politics out of public spaces here. It’s understandable that some feel fatigue from the culture war salvos being fired

  • Editorial: License to celebrate

    On March 15, 1820, Maine was accepted as the 23rd state of the United States of America, thanks to the Missouri Compromise. With a majority vote of the region’s citizens, Maine was no longer part of Massachusetts. In less than two years, we Mainers will celebrate our 200th birthday. Maine’s 128th Legislature resolved to establish

  • Editorial: Results are in

    Maine’s spring primary results are in. We now know who the political party candidates will be for the November elections for governor and Congress, as well as the state Legislature. The victors should be recognized for their successful efforts and thanked for their willingness to make the commitment to serve their fellow citizens. Given the

  • Strong turnout

    Strong turnout

    Waiting in a long line usually doesn’t bring a smile to anyone’s face. But the strong turnout in all the Mount Desert Island-area towns in last week’s elections had almost everyone feeling good. Even political social media posts on election day had a tone of, “Here’s what I support. Whether or not you agree with

  • Training in trades

    Training in trades

    Have you tried to hire a plumber lately? An electrician? How about a contractor to remodel your home or replace a roof? For many folks around Hancock County, it is becoming very difficult to find, retain or schedule a qualified contractor for residential or commercial work. Ask one of the local building supply houses how

  • The right choice

    The voters of Southwest Harbor are to be commended for their decision last week to reconstruct the playground used by the elementary school and community center, as well as families and visitors year-round. Months of wrangling at meetings of the Board of Selectmen and school board were focused not on whether to support the initiative

  • Positive impact

    Positive impact

    Late spring in Maine brings new beginnings, including college and high school graduations. They are ceremonies of passage, leaving one place, one step in life, and leaping to the next. America’s youths are worldlier and possess more technological aptitude than any generation before them, giving them tools to meet challenges unforeseen barely a decade ago.