• Editorial: A chance to be heard

    Members of a committee studying what form a future combined Mount Desert Island middle school should take — were such a school to be created — presented the results of their work last week. Members of the group are hopeful and excited about ways to improve opportunity and equity for students in seventh and eighth

  • Editorial: Planning for pensions

    In the wake of the massive stock market decline of the Great Recession, Governor LePage and the Maine Legislature took steps to improve the financial condition of Maine’s public pension system. By imposing a cap and rate reduction of the cost-of-living adjustment for retired state employees and teachers, the system reduced the amount of the

  • Editorial: Open primaries, yes

    Maine is a national leader when it comes to the way it runs its elections. Programs such as same-day voter registration, Clean Elections public financing and a paper record of every vote that can be relied on in the event of a recount put our state in the forefront of making sure all voters have

  • Editorial: Render unto Caesar

    In January 2018, in the midst of a severe flu season, the Catholic Diocese of Maine instituted protocols to impede the spread. Parishioners with flu symptoms were asked to stay home. For them, the Sunday Mass obligation was lifted. The communion ritual was changed to reduce touching. Shaking hands during the Sign of Peace interval

  • Editorial: Fair fishing

    Battles over restrictions to fishing gear — intended to reduce harm to whales — have been going on for 20 years now. They hit close to home for Mount Desert Island, home to several busy lobstering harbors and also a hub of whale research and tourism. The Maine Department of Marine Resources is often a

  • Editorial: Zero tuition

    Higher education has been much in the news these days, and not in a nice way. Millionaires buy college acceptance for their children. College graduates emerge with an impressive degree and bloodcurdling debt. Post-secondary education has yielded some grisly headlines of late. Except in Maine, where you don’t need to bribe anyone to get in

  • Editorial: Open primaries

    Opening the primary elections to allow all unenrolled registered voters to cast a ballot will rejuvenate the political parties and strengthen elections. Today’s candidate selection process is backward. The major political parties sit as neutral referees with no real authority to influence who seeks their party’s nomination. The current practice allows anyone and everyone with

  • Editorial: Returning to re-use

    “It’s a ripple effect,” said Caroline Musson, a Mount Desert Island High School freshman. Quoted last week in Northeastern University’s Experience magazine, Musson observed that, “If one person starts to do something, then the people around them will start to do something.” Musson is one of the group of “plastics kids” who last year led

  • Editorial: Parking progress

    Parking meters are being installed over the next few weeks in Bar Harbor. Being asked to pay for parking for part of the year in prime spots and in town parking lots, even if you live or work here, will be a big change. But it’s one that’s been a long time coming. The purchase

  • Editorial: Moving minimum

    We should take note and celebrate that the The Jackson Laboratory announced plans to hire 300 new employees in the next year. This action is another significant milestone along the path to deliver on Jackson Lab’s earlier announced commitment to grow the size of its local workforce through the year 2026. The foundation of our