• Editorial: Living traditions

    The thing about the past, an Irish saying goes, is that it’s not even the past. Learning the history of the people, places, boats, cars, rocks and wildlife around us builds an informed understanding of the present and helps guide good decisions for the future. Local historian, storyteller and librarian Bob Pyle, who died on

  • Editorial: The LePage legacy

    Any review of Governor Paul LePage is destined to be crowded with conflicting adjectives. He has been confrontational and combative. He’s also been strategic and, in terms of his agenda, effective. Even his supporters regret missed opportunities for achievement due to LePage’s disinclination to compromise with legislators — even those of his own party. But

  • Editorial: Oh, deer

    The large population of whitetail deer on Mount Desert Island, and the frequency of car-deer accidents, is again becoming a serious concern. Many residents enjoy seeing deer around and some consider the animals part of the island’s outdoorsy “brand” for visitors. But, as a resident at a Southwest Harbor selectmen’s meeting recently pointed out, if

  • Editorial: Lessons learned

    The road to getting Bar Harbor’s new electrical substation permitted, built and put into service has been long. Now that the final stages are underway, power company Emera Maine is pondering what to do with the historic Edgewood Street building that, soon, will no longer be needed. The saga of building permit appeals, lawsuits, a

  • Editorial: Law of the land

    The campaign, balloting and implementation of ranked choice voting occasioned no shortage of skepticism, challenges and outcries. But the time has come to accept ranked choice voting for what it is: the law of the land. U.S. District Court Judge Lance Walker’s ruling last week put to rest who won this year’s U.S. House election

  • Editorial: Peace and quiet

    The warm days of this past weekend melted some of the ice in creeks, streams and drainage ditches, but not all of it. Open water flowed between small, elaborate ice cliffs that had been formed and carved in the previous hard freezes. Everything is quieter in the winter. Over the weekend, if you sat by

  • Editorial: A time to reflect

    Many state and federal government offices were closed last Wednesday to mark a National Day of Mourning for President George H.W. Bush. Flags were at half-staff and Governor LePage ordered that both the Stars and Stripes and the State of Maine flag are to be flown at half-staff for 30 days. The former president’s casket

  • Editorial: A vital link

    The Maine State Ferry Service is back in the spotlight after a recent public hearing on the flat rate structure implemented last summer and a new proposal for fee surcharges. Residents of the island community hardest hit by the new rate structure, Islesboro, filed a lawsuit seeking a stay on implementation of the new rates.

  • Editorial: It makes a village

    All four Mount Desert Island towns have now held their annual community holiday celebrations with music, food, crafts and at least one chance for youngsters to spend a few minutes with Santa Claus. And this past weekend saw two different holiday “bazaar” events geared toward helping children choose gifts for family members. Little faces are

  • Editorial: Treasurer by default

    During the recent county elections, more than 26,500 voters made an election choice for the district attorney position that oversees our criminal justice system for the county. Unfortunately, only 882 voters made a selection for the county treasurer’s role, a position that oversees a $20-million county budget. Through no fault of his own, Michael Boucher’s