• Strong turnout

    Strong turnout

    Waiting in a long line usually doesn’t bring a smile to anyone’s face. But the strong turnout in all the Mount Desert Island-area towns in last week’s elections had almost everyone feeling good. Even political social media posts on election day had a tone of, “Here’s what I support. Whether or not you agree with

  • Training in trades

    Training in trades

    Have you tried to hire a plumber lately? An electrician? How about a contractor to remodel your home or replace a roof? For many folks around Hancock County, it is becoming very difficult to find, retain or schedule a qualified contractor for residential or commercial work. Ask one of the local building supply houses how

  • The right choice

    The voters of Southwest Harbor are to be commended for their decision last week to reconstruct the playground used by the elementary school and community center, as well as families and visitors year-round. Months of wrangling at meetings of the Board of Selectmen and school board were focused not on whether to support the initiative

  • Positive impact

    Positive impact

    Late spring in Maine brings new beginnings, including college and high school graduations. They are ceremonies of passage, leaving one place, one step in life, and leaping to the next. America’s youths are worldlier and possess more technological aptitude than any generation before them, giving them tools to meet challenges unforeseen barely a decade ago.

  • Debt clock ticking

    Debt clock ticking

    America’s federal debt now exceeds $21.2 trillion, and each citizen’s share of that debt is more than $64,500. The Congressional Budget Office, in its “Budget and Economic Outlook: 2018-2028,” said that our federal debt is projected to be on a steadily rising trajectory throughout the coming decade. Debt held by the public, which has doubled

  • Keep an even keel

    Keep an even keel

    Bar Harbor and other Mount Desert Island communities are reeling this week from a horrible one-two punch: the death of a young local woman and the arrest of a young local man in connection with her death. The closeness and generosity among people and families in our towns is enormous. Community support has helped, and

  • A place to play

    A place to play

    Debates over the last six months on what to do with the playground near Pemetic Elementary School and Harbor House Community Center in Southwest Harbor have caused confusion, concern and maybe a little whiplash. Voters are set to decide June 12 whether to borrow $180,000 from the town’s unassigned fund balance to rebuild the playground.

  • Paid parking or no parking

    Paid parking or no parking

    Parking and traffic congestion over the busy Memorial Day weekend on Mount Desert Island were clear illustrations that the current management scheme is not working. Both Acadia National Park and the town of Bar Harbor for years have been planning to address this congestion. Both have proposals on the table, and both deserve support. In

  • Energy opportunity

    Energy opportunity

    For 7½ years, Gov. Paul LePage has decried Maine’s high energy costs and worked to address both supply and cost issues for businesses and homeowners. In his recent weekly radio address, the governor sent out a request for experts to provide more insight into the rapidly changing energy landscape. He asked how Maine might address

  • Town-gown synergy

    Town-gown synergy

    The death last week of the founding president of the College of the Atlantic offers an opportunity to reflect on the difference the college has made in Bar Harbor and on Mount Desert Island in its 49 years. Ed Kaelber saw his role, former colleagues remember, as “helping folks to work together to get things