• Editorial: Where workers sleep

    Mount Desert Island continues to grapple with a shortage of affordable, year-round housing. In watching recent trends and sorting out what government or other groups could to that would make a difference, vacation rentals and seasonal employee housing appear as twin challenges. Neither is a bad thing in its own right, but the growth of

  • Editorial: The pill problem

    Statewide in Maine during the seven-year period from 2006 to 2012, nearly 398 million prescription hydrocodone and oxycodone pills were distributed, according to Drug Enforcement Agency data compiled by the Washington Post. Hannaford in Ellsworth sold more than 4.2 million of the pills. Carroll Drug in Southwest Harbor, seventh in volume among the distributors listed,

  • Editorial: Share the road

    On Mount Desert Island, we live far from the interstate highway system. Our state highways here double as local roads: they carry residents, commercial traffic and visitors to and from our towns from the mainland, but they also have school bus stops, people walking their dogs, joggers, cyclists and crosswalks. Visitors used to freeways have

  • Editorial: Happy birthday

    Friday marks the 200th anniversary of the vote to separate the District of Maine from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Statehood didn’t come until nearly seven months later on March 15, 1820. At a time when the nation was embroiled in controversy over slavery, Maine’s admission to the union was a feat of political compromise so

  • Editorial; Curbing congestion

    We’ve arrived at the busiest weeks of the year in Acadia National Park and surrounding communities. The park reported 35,000 visits on Friday, July 5. That’s more than the population of Bangor. One cruise ship was here that day, one with a passenger capacity of 1,432 souls. While it’s still small potatoes compared with larger

  • Editorial; A berry tough year

    Maine’s beleaguered wild blueberry industry is suffering from trade dispute retaliation. This month, the state of Maine took appropriate action and petitioned the federal government to provide temporary relief to the growers. We hopefully await the outcome. President Trump is exercising his unilateral authority to impose economic tariffs on a range of U.S. imports manufactured

  • Editorial: Sunny outlook

    Installing solar panels on a home, school or public building is a large up-front investment that reaps significant savings over time, as the locally-generated electricity offsets some of what would otherwise be purchased from the power company. But the rules for exactly how that offset happens are quite complicated. Because the rules have kept changing,

  • Editorial: Pharmacy of the farm

    It’s an ongoing frustration for many doctors when treating chronic illness: Even effective drugs such as beta blockers and insulin won’t work if patients spend the rest of the day eating frozen pizza and cookies. Now, more and more, patients are leaving the doctor’s office with a prescription not only for the pharmacist but also

  • Editorial: More sets of eyes

    Our Town Meeting forms of government feature lots of opportunities for the public to review and weigh in on the budget and other important decisions before a town. Citizen involvement in local government is a staple of life in New England towns, and we’re better off because of it. Town staff prepare a budget and

  • Editorial: Worth the wait

    Do you hear the people sing? It is the music of a people who will not be taking a detour on their way out of Bar Harbor again. The barricades came down last Thursday. The 3-year, $14-million reconstruction of about four miles of Route 3 is complete and the Maine Department of Transportation’s (DOT) contractor