• Editorial: Let’s stop giving the virus chances to reinvent itself 

    Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again. After reaching near record lows in June and July, the recent fall surge rivals any of the metrics from the pandemic’s worst day so far.   Going into the Thanksgiving holiday, Maine hospitals were already experiencing record hospitalizations and patients requiring a ventilator. As of Monday, 322 Mainers were in the hospital due

  • Editorial: We are what we eat

    Maine’s firearms deer season drew to a close Saturday, but before then thousands of local and visiting hunters took the opportunity to commune with nature and their hunting buddies in the woods. The hunting tradition has been passed down through generations of Maine families – an exercise in skill, patience and seized opportunities.  The traditional pastime is not immune from modern worries,

  • Editorial: Removing workforce barriers 

    Maine’s workforce troubles began long before the pandemic. For a better part of the last decade, the workforce has shrunk year after year. Exacerbated by the pandemic, it has now reached a tipping point, with the results being seen across most industries in the state.   Workers, especially those sidelined for months while the state shuttered what it deemed nonessential businesses, have been slow to return to their jobs. Some are unable to return

  • Editorial: Bar Harbor has spoken 

    Last week voters in Bar Harbor spoke decisively, even among all the confusion and conflicting messages.   A full 60 percent of votes cast favored limiting the number of licensed vacation rentals in town.   They say there are two sides to every issue, but Article 4 generated more. Those who support unfettered property rights have valid points. Those who

  • Editorial: Get ready for winter 

    In an annual contest of Yankee fortitude, Mainers see how long they can hold out before turning on the heat. A great many of us have already conceded defeat this season. Our toes were cold.   Just how we warm our appendages varies, but three-fifths of Maine households use oil as their primary heating source. That’s more than any other state. And no

  • Editorial: Get out and vote

    After the rollercoaster ride over shark-infested waters that was last November’s election, heading to the ballot box Tuesday seems like a gentle turn on the carousel. Hancock County voters will not be electing any national, state or county leaders this go-around. There are three statewide referendum questions, with Question 1 concerning the CMP corridor the most polarizing and pricey. Tens of millions have been spent trying

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