• Editiorial: Consequences of success 

    The secret is out about Acadia National Park. With more than 100 years of history behind it, the park draws roughly 3.5 million people each year to its peaks, carriage roads and green spaces. The sweeping vistas from nearly every mile of the park’s loop road are a sight to behold. It is no surprise that people come in large

  • Editorial: No child left hungry 

    Public education is meant to be the great equalizer, but children know early and acutely what sets them apart from their peers. That includes economic disparities. They look askance at their scuffed thrift-store sneakers next to a classmate’s shiny Nikes. There might be no one at home after school to help with homework. The stomachs tucked against their desks each morning may

  • Editorial: Wild weather a harbinger of things to come

    Never mind the heavy downpours of late, much of Maine was still in a drought last week. That was despite a June 9 storm that spewed over 5 inches of rain in parts of Hancock and Washington counties, pummeling Acadia’s carriage roads and destroying a Birch Harbor bridge. The estimated cost of repairs for that storm alone is over $2.5 million.   Last week another storm brought more

  • Editorial:   Maine nonprofits need your help 

    Last year, many nonprofit organizations took a hit at a time when their services were needed the most. Nonprofit organizations, in normal years, provide significant support to the community in ways that often go unnoticed or unreported. With demand up due to the pandemic – especially in areas such as food and housing – many worked tirelessly to make sure resources were available to those who needed them while

  • Editorial: Land of the free 

    This July Fourth, we will wake up and do pretty much whatever we want. There are parameters, of course. Thousands of laws on the books will hopefully reign in any criminal impulses. Job and familial obligations, financial constraints and societal norms hem us in further. Children long for the freedoms of adulthood while adults know

  • Editorial: Skip the plastic 

    In 2019, Maine’s 129th Legislature voted to ban single-use plastic bags and polystyrene containers – a step in the right direction toward removing nonbiodegradable materials from the waste stream. But, as soon as the pandemic hit, implementation was pushed back as part of executive measures to respond to COVID-19. At nearly the same time, shoppers were told they could no longer bring

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