Editorial: What habit can you build in 66 days? 

On average, psychologists say that it takes approximately 66 days to build a habit to the point of it becoming automatic. For some people that timeframe may be more, or less, but experts agree that is the average amount of time it will take.  

Habits are defined as something you do often, mostly without thinking, and something that can be especially hard to stop doing. Habits can be good or bad.  

As Americans shelter in place to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, most will be given the luxury of time – whether they want it or not. We may even come close to the habit-forming 66 days by the time this is all over with 

What will you do with your time?  

As the world slows, so too do commitmentsobligations and appointments. Play dates, soccer practice and cocktail hour with friends have all taken a back seat to solo adventures, family activities and trying to figure out virtual communication tools. For somit’s unsettling, for others its liberating. But, for nearly everyone it is new.  

As we are asked to sacrifice our normal routines for the common good, it seems like the perfect opportunity to take inventory of habits and see if you want to get rid of some, add new ones or even build upon the ones you’ve already got. 

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Or, practice making your own margarita mix so that when cocktail hour can again be enjoyed, you’ve got the best margaritas in your social circle 


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