Editorial: Thank you, essential workers

Not many grocery store workers, gas station clerks, truck drivers, child-care providers, elder caregivers or cleaners imagined themselves at the forefront of a public health emergency, but they are there nonetheless. First responders, doctors and nurses do expect to help in a crisis, but hardly anyone could have imagined this. 

While others are told to stay at home, essential workers must do the opposite. Some are in high-risk categories for the coronavirus themselves or go home to those who are vulnerable. Meanwhile, their jobs have become more demanding than ever before. Many lack adequate personal protective equipment. Members of the public they interact with are on edge and not always on their best behavior. Essential workers are tired, and some are scared. 

Their work allows us to carry on with some semblance of life as usual, albeit the homebound, physically distant version. We can fill our pantries and gas tanks and collect our mail. Utility and road crews are on the job ensuring the infrastructure we rely on runs smoothly. We can get help if we need it.  

Essential workers, we are in your debt. Thank you. 

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