Editorial: Stay high or go low?


The minor dustup between the district attorney and his challenger, though amusing, did nothing to enhance the public profile of either gentleman.

DA candidate Steve Juskewitch emailed the Hancock County Commissioners on Sept. 18 asking that they delay hiring an administrative assistant/legal secretary until after the election on Nov. 6.

If he prevails, Juskewitch said, he might have a better candidate for the job than the one the incumbent nominated.

On the microcosmic level, it’s what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did to Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Pure politics. (Was that an oxymoron?)

District Attorney Matt Foster, who could have done himself a favor by ignoring what was but a minor distraction, instead took to Facebook.

He compared Juskewitch, who holds the record for DA runs, to Captain Ahab “hunting his white whale of being elected as district attorney for nearly 20 years.”

Juskewitch claimed he asked for the delay out of concern the position might go to someone lacking credentials. If elected, Juskewitch said, he’d have his own candidate for the job.

Our view is that Foster’s candidate, with three years as a victim/witness advocate, is well qualified.

The County Commissioners felt the same way and awarded the job to Foster’s nominee, which occasioned more Facebook tooting on the part of the DA. As unnecessary as Juskewitch’s interjection was irrelevant.

Neither Foster nor Juskewitch could remember delaying hiring to await the results of an election.

Let’s keep it that way.

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