Editorial: Good service wins the day

On any given day, more than 100,000 flights crisscross America, leaving from and landing at the 5,200 paved runway airports that dot the landscape. With a big country, a good economy and lots of tourist places to visit, Americans are flying.

While we covet the access to major transportation hubs such as New York, Detroit and Chicago, we are thankful that we don’t have the noise, congestion and parking lot craziness that necessarily accompany the busier airports.

That’s just one of the reasons we appreciate our Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport in Trenton. It brings us closer to the world and it’s a lot faster than driving.

In July of this year, we gained a new carrier. Fort Lauderdale-based Silver Airways replaced PenAir in Trenton and swiftly recorded solid numbers for its first two months of operations. Silver Airways soon exceeded PenAir’s passenger counts. By operating in conjunction with national carrier Jet Blue, Silver Airways provided reliable service and faster connections to destinations throughout the United States and Western Hemisphere.

Increasing traffic counts in Trenton will help increase federal support dollars for infrastructure improvements at the airfield, as well as generate more traveler activity. With many traveling options, Hancock County residents, as well as our summer visitors, will find that Trenton/Bar Harbor is a convenient time-saver.

Amazing how the old axiom of good service equals success applies as much to small-market airports as it does to L.L. Bean.

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