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With my first official issue now behind me, I want to take a minute to introduce myself. I have already met a few readers who’ve been in for their paper on Thursdays and I have corresponded with others by phone or email about specific issues. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to meeting more of the area’s residents and organizational leaders as I make my way around the island. I welcome phone calls, visits and questions — even the tough ones.

Like the two previous editors to hold this position before me, I endeavor to bring the very best I can to the job. Since its inception, the Mount Desert Islander has been a well-respected and award-winning publication. I intend to hold to those same standards while also charting my own course forward. I have immense respect for the staff of the Islander and have watched from afar for many years; I am humbled to be part of this amazing team.

Philosophically, I strongly believe in community journalism and know the impact a newspaper has on the community it serves. I have seen firsthand the ways in which an excellent newspaper can support, and drive, conversation, and I have seen how instrumental it is to a well-functioning democracy. In fact, I often wonder how people can truly participate in their communities without reading their local newspaper. In that vein, the newspaper’s staff will continue to report on the municipal, school and land use issues of the eight towns it serves and will work hard to make sure that you, the reader, have all you need to know before having to make decisions about what is best for your neighborhood and town.

A community newspaper also relies on its community to be successful, so I hope that you’ll consider contributing content from time to time. Please send us your news tips, scenic photos or letters to the editor. We always welcome submissions from the public and believe that it is an important part of the two-way dialogue necessary to have a great newspaper.

On a personal level, I have lived in Maine since 2002. I spent the last 17 years working for a company called Penobscot Bay Press, a privately owned business that operates a group of community weeklies covering the greater Blue Hill Peninsula, Deer Isle and Castine areas. I have an undergraduate degree from Rhode Island College and a master’s degree from the University of Maine. I have held a seat on the Maine Press Association’s board of directors for the last six years (where I also served for several years with former editor Earl Brechlin) helping to support excellent journalism across the state.

Please do not hesitate to reach out. My door will always be open.

Faith DeAmbrose

Faith DeAmbrose

Managing Editor at Mount Desert Islander
Faith DeAmbrose

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