Letter to Editor: Doing the work

I think that when Susan Collins looks in the mirror, she sees Margaret Chase Smith, Sigmund Freud, and Mother Theresa, so sure is she of her superior ethics, insight, and virtue.

The rest of us see Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, and P. T. Barnum. It is not enough lament or disdain Sen. Collins’ toxic antics. We need to secure a Democratic majority before we can even begin to mitigate the damage. As an unenrolled voter, I do not say this easily.

Maine makes it incredibly easy to vote. If we do not vote then it’s on us. And if we vote divided by our personal feelings rather than unified in our common cause, then we risk being blindsided by reality, again. And it’s on us.

Ranked choice voting might be almost as much a wild card as an insurance policy. There are still tough decisions.

I am on my way home from DC after lobbying and protesting against the Kavanaugh travesty. So yes, I am tired and cranky. But lobbying and protesting are relatively easy.

Volunteering to “Get Out The Vote” is not nearly as much fun but infinitely more important. So here’s to throwing the bums out by doing the work necessary to voting better candidates in.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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