Diversity of opinion

To the Editor:

Jill Goldthwait’s “Advice to Candidates” column in the Nov. 22 edition of the Islander was more even-handed than her usual liberal leanings. She even had some nice words for Gov. LePage.

Service in the Maine legislature deserves praise regardless of party or politics. The job requires a great deal of time and patience — especially with all the lobbying that goes on.

Rep. Brian Hubbell is “wildly popular” on Mount Desert Island, she wrote. She predicts he will be reelected to a fourth and final term. Hubbell works hard in Augusta. He has a very personable character, and his knowledge of public affairs and especially public education is broad and deep.

Hubbell’s district includes Lamoine, which has no geographic connection to MDI. Although I would wish that he would be less liberal, he is reflecting the majority of the population of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert if not Lamoine. It is a fact of life that Bar Harbor will have a Democrat representative. Ted Koffman led to Elsie Flemmings and then to Brian Hubbell.

I was the Republican candidate for District 135 in 2014 and 2016, and I never thought that I had a chance of winning.

The reason I ran was for Republicans and conservative independents in Bar Harbor, Lamoine and Mount Desert.

Being a candidate is a lot of work, that’s a given. I write to remind Goldthwait that Lamoine was gerrymandered into District 135 in 2013 when it should have been left in a district with Hancock.

There are those of us in this area who believe in less government and more free enterprise. This is still a free country. The free diversity of opinion is what has made it great, not the victory of one side of politics and suppression of opposition.

Maurice Joseph Marshall


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