To the Editor:

In his scheme to leave no stone, or snowflake, unturned to shift Maine’s tax burden onto the desperately poor and struggling middle class rather than enforcing the voter mandated 3 percent education surcharge (on incomes higher than $200,000), Gov. Paul LePage proposes imposing a tax on plowing.

Sales and service taxes disproportionately impact lower income payers. While showing the same percentage, these taxes take a larger part of smaller incomes than of larger ones. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I want to pay my fair share of income tax, and if I have to pay more for plowing, then I want it go to the hardworking people out at all hours in the worst weather providing this essential and mandated service.

Forced by the governor’s failure to enforce existing education funding legislation, Mainers voted for the surcharge by a higher percentage than LePage won in either of his elections. LePage’s disregard for voters who disagree with him is matched only by his disrespect for our elected legislators.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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