Dismayed times two

To the Editor:

I had the privilege to attend both the Warrant Committee meeting of Aug. 29 and its General Government Subcommittee meeting earlier that day. I told Warrant Committee Chair John Dargis thereafter that both meetings were exceptional lessons in democracy and that I wished that Town Council meetings could be restructured to more fully encourage the exchange of ideas both among members and with the public.

The Islander‘s anonymous editorial of Sept. 8 about that same meeting, “No Parking Conspiracy,” maligns every member of the Warrant Committee without citing a single statement by any member that would justify the Islander‘s claim that comments by committee members were “preposterous and outright paranoid.”

I ask the anonymous editorial writer to watch the entire recorded meeting and, in a future edition of the Islander, quote the comments that the writer claims to be so outlandish. Give us evidence. In the absence of evidence, the Islander should retract the editorial and apologize to every Warrant Committee member it anonymously maligned. It must heed the words of its very editorial to avoid “character assassination.”

Arthur Greif

Bar Harbor

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