Dismayed on return

To the Editor:

I was dismayed upon my return from a long-planned vacation to read the Islander’s Sept. 8 editorial “No Parking Conspiracy.”

I am a long-serving member of both the Warrant Committee and its General Government Subcommittee. To prepare for these duties, I and my fellow committee members do our best to attend relevant Town Council and Planning Board meetings related to issues that might come up before our subcommittee. We listen carefully and closely read the land use ordinance (LUO) proposals that come before us. I have always found both subcommittee and Warrant Committee meetings to be thoughtful exchanges of ideas.

I participated in both the General Government Subcommittee and Warrant Committee meetings on Aug. 29 at which LUO parking-related amendments were discussed. As is typical, all members asked excellent questions and made thoughtful comments. Town officials contributed to this respectful exchange and answered pertinent questions from committee members. Not once did I observe the extreme behaviors your editorial claims occurred. There was no “character assassination,” and no one showed a “need to insult those of opposite mind or impugn their integrity in order to take a contrary position” as the editorial implied. Not once did any committee member suggest “there was some kind of conspiracy afoot.”

The writer of this editorial remains anonymous. Fortunately, the town preserved the entire video of this meeting, which is publicly available for all to see and hear. Readers of the Islander can watch this and see the truth, not the unfortunate and cruel character assassination by the Islander of citizens who volunteer their time and energy to serve their community to the best of their ability. Every Warrant Committee member takes seriously his or her duty, per the Warrant Committee bylaws, to “consider, investigate and report” on issues that will come before the voters of the town.

Donna Mae Karlson


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