Disheartening truthophobes

To the Editor:

I am saddened when our employees, who run our national government, both elected officials and bureaucrats, lie to us.

It also is disturbing that we are neither angered nor outraged that they do so.

It seems as though we expect to be misinformed by misstatements. When politicians campaign, they misrepresent themselves and their opponents. If a politician informs me a thing will be improved and will cost less under their watchful administration, it can be assumed the opposite is true.

If I am assured they did or didn’t do a thing, I can know with reasonable certainty that the opposite is true. If the claim is made they care for the “little guy” and favor the oppressed, I know they only hope to enrich themselves with wealth and power.

The logical conclusion must be that truth is an anathema to a successful campaign or the execution of responsibility once elected or appointed.

Nor do I comprehend why Congress, with only a 15 percent approval rating among the electorate, keeps getting reelected. It must follow that everyone approves of their own representatives while disapproving of all the others. “My guy is great, but yours stinks,” seems to be the attitude.

We should be disheartened by the truthophobes we elect, appoint and support with a large portion of our collective efforts through taxation.

Daily, we are misrepresented and misinformed by these scoundrels.

I realize this is painting with a broad brush. There is the rare politician or bureaucrat who speaks the truth. These unfortunates are often marginalized by their opponents and the biased press.

It is difficult to stay informed through traditional media. News is a manufactured commodity. Newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcasts all have a political bias. If an individual wishes to stay informed of the facts of an event, it is often difficult to do so because all events are, seemingly, political.

Of one thing I am sure – during every presidential election year, my septic tank is pumped out. I’m not sure why I bother. I know over the next four years, it will just fill up again.

Peter Aylen

Southwest Harbor

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