Determination wins the day

To the Editor:

I was very pleased to see in the April 5 edition of the Islander that adults are still going back to school and graduating from Mount Desert Island High School long past the usual age.

I graduated as an adult from MDIHS myself in 1985. I also had children to deal with along with earning that diploma. My classes were in the evenings at the high school.

When the time came to receive our diplomas, there was even a graduation ceremony, including cap and gown, speeches and photographs.

That year, two of us received high school diplomas and many others received GEDs. This was a source of great pride to our families and especially our mentors and instructors, all there with us.

The person who was my accounting instructor through the adult education office still does my taxes.

I am sure there were many before us 1985-ers, and many since, who for one reason or another found it impossible to finish high school with our original class.

We were all determined to persevere in one way or another to do it, either in evening classes at the high school, or long distance, which is now available. I went on to even do a fair amount of college after that because I now had that all-important diploma.

Many thanks to MDIHS, the instructors and especially our mentors, who kept us going to achieve our goals. Finally.

Marjorie Monteleon (graduated as Marjorie H. Firth Nietz)

Southwest Harbor

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