A desire to live in peace

To the Editor:

One would think that the operator of a start-up commercial granite quarrying operation smack dab in the middle of an established residential neighborhood, village, island and national park would take every reasonable precaution to protect our environmental surroundings.

One would think that the operator would have, from the get go, taken every measure within his means to use state of the art sound barriers, industrial run-off pollution control, ground water control, safety assurance, air pollution control, elimination of back-up beepers, etc. but no. The operator of this 40-year-old abandoned quarry did just the opposite!

Without any regulations, without a permit, Freshwater Stone has ramped up the noise by simultaneously operating every jackhammer, diamond saw, hydraulics plus an industrial vehicle that relentlessly rammed the granite ledge every day for three months during the spring of 2012.

Not only that, the manager of this commercial operation dug a ditch so his industrial run-off would pollute the pristine forested wetlands of neighboring properties! The Maine Department of Environmental Protection stepped in to put an end to that. Thank God.

Other Mount Desert residents never will be subjected to this on-going egregious situation, thanks to our neighbor’s efforts with the moratorium and town vote. By the by, Jock Williams made the statement at that same town meeting that the operator had mismanaged the quarrying operation. What an understatement.

So accustomed to litigation and bullying opposition, property owner Paul MacQuinn has paid his lawyer a good sum to continue his illegal lease with Jeffery Gammelin, owner of Freshwater Stone. For the record, his cost is a tax right-off, the cost of doing business! Not so for us, those of us who wish to live in peace. Our children and grandchildren have paid the price as well, thanks to mismanagement.

Laurie Shencavitz

Hall Quarry

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