Dangerous self-drivers

To the Editor:

There has been a lot of promotion lately for the self-driving car. Ford has basically said they are pushing to put all their car production into it. I think this is a dangerous idea.

So far, many of the self-driving prototypes have been in accidents, and these are basically new vehicles, not cars that are five or six years old with 165,000 miles of wear and tear on them.

I know how often my computer goes down, locks up or just plain does not do what it is supposed to do. The thought of relying on a computer to drive me to work is not comforting.

However, my biggest concern is liability. If my self-driving car has a glitch and runs over a child in a crosswalk, is the death my fault or the manufacturers fault? If I would be at fault and technically in control (because I was the human in the car) why would I not be better off driving myself as I do now so that I could at least try to avoid the incident?

Vincent H Ghelli

Bar Harbor


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