Dangerous precedent

To the Editor:

The U.S. Senate will vote soon on a health “we-don’t-care” bill, which neither we, nor the senators not included on the 13-man (right, not one woman) health care working group will have more than 48 hours to review.

Senate leaders will not allow changes from either party. That means that U.S. citizens will have less opportunity to consider and improve national health care policy than the residents of Bar Harbor had to consider our town’s business at our annual meeting.

The proposed legislation will increase premiums for people 64 and older by 800 percent and eliminate coverage for opiate treatment, among other things.

Maine’s U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has developed a more viable plan, but she has not been included in the discussion of the new bill.

Please call Collins at 945-0417 and ask that she demand a hearing and the ability to amend the bill so that it becomes a health “we do care” bill.

Jill Weber

Bar Harbor

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