Cultural adulteration

To the Editor:

It’s all well and nice that everyone is donating money to support Acadia National Park. However, as I understand it, none of the $25 million being raised by Friends of Acadia is earmarked for cleaning up the ecological disaster up in the inner harbor in Otter Creek.

It’s bad enough that our local culture here in the Creek has been adulterated almost beyond repair over the years. As the great, great, great grandson of early settler Louisa Smith, I have seen it myself.

But let’s not add insult to injury.

If people want to help clean up the inner harbor, they can send donations to the “Aid Society of Otter Creek” a nonprofit. Mark them “Care of the Revitalization Committee.” That way people can be a positive part of the cure and not part of the problem.

Together we will mend the ways of the past, show remorse, show our strength and turn over a new leaf for all, for the second century of Acadia National Park.


Steve Smith

Otter Creek

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