Cruise committee

To the Editor:

I believe that all members of the Cruise Ship Committee for the town of Bar Harbor should be year-round, voting residents of the town. After all, this is our home. We’re already being crowded out of it. Just try going into Bar Harbor for errands, let alone getting into and out of town, during the months of June, July, August, September and even – good grief – October. Five months in all; nearly half of the year.

What is more, the exhaust fumes from all those vehicles plus those from the cruise ships idling just offshore make many of us sick. Have you been feeling unexpectedly tired lately? Does your body feel too heavy to move? Does your neighbor’s asthmatic child have more asthma attacks than usual during the tourist season?

I would propose that Bar Harbor’s Cruise Ship Committee have the following composition: one member of the Town Council, the harbormaster, the planning director, the police chief and one member of the chamber of commerce. The remainder – perhaps four in all – should be members at large with no ties to any part of the tourist industry. This would also cut the present unwieldy 16-member committee, most of whom have a commercial interest in the tourist industry, down to a more manageable size of nine or 10.

Thank you, Arthur Greif, Gail Conrad and Anne Marie Quin for your good work on this issue on behalf of all of us.

Beth Kidder

Bar Harbor

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