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To the Editor:

One of the great joys of being the director of The Criterion Theatre in downtown Bar Harbor is getting to be there when people walk through the doors, seeing the look that comes over them as they experience the space.

I suppose there is an extra “zip” to it for folks seeing the theater for the first time, but honestly, it happens with folks who have grown up here too. This place is magic.

Understandably then, when there is a special occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday – or even a concert or play someone wants produced on a grand stage, folks call to see about The Criterion. We love this. The theater has been proud host to several community theater productions (People are still talking about the recent “Willy Wonka” show.), fundraisers for neighbors in need, private parties – and community gatherings such as the Bar Harbor Brass, Acadia Fire’s annual celebration or the open concert “The Message,” which was produced by a local church.

As a community resource, we pride ourselves on being available to everyone.

There have been some questions about this lately when the theater cannot be rented. Sadly, there are moments when programming already set in place doesn’t allow for a special event. Major motion pictures in particular come with all sorts of rules about the theater not being used for anything else, even if the times don’t conflict. That may sound crazy, but it’s true.

If we have a big movie showing, or know that one will be opening on a specific date, the theater is unavailable. This happens more than we would like, but we work really hard to keep certain sections of the calendar free.

Anyone who would like to have an event at The Criterion – we’d love to talk to you.


Heather Martin

Bar Harbor

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