Corrupt capitalists

To the Editor:

Currently, it very much seems that the only options being sought to maintain the political, moral, ethical and economic integrity of this country are guided by those whose solutions benefit only themselves and their benefactors – major corporations and the extraordinarily wealthy.

Both of the major political parties are a part of the problem, too. Unfortunately, politics and ideology supersede the needs of the country and of the vast majority of American citizens. We have long conflated capitalism with democracy and capitalism has won.

Major corporations – including the major banks – have insidiously burrowed into all of our daily lives for several decades by addicting us to the so-called “good things” in life and have purchased their way into Congress.

As a result we have imbecilic health care. We have usurious lending rates, particularly for the poorest among us. We have new college graduates already deep in debt even as they accept their diplomas. We have charter schools that exist solely because they generate profits. We have a diminished environment. Tellingly, the protections set in place in order to prevent a repeat of the economic debacle of 2008 have been rolled back.

Think of the very real possibility that the major corporations and many of the very wealthy may not care what form of government exists in the United States just so long as it is sufficiently corrupt to allow them to make as much profit as possible.

Are we ever going to learn that ideology does not solve problems? Ideology does not even allow problems to be accurately defined.

Problems are defined by individuals of reasonable intelligence, open minds and good will joining together in good faith and with a determination to address the pressing concerns that face the nation. Solutions should be consistent with our – currently, at least – chosen form of government and consistent with the needs and concerns of the vast majority of our population, not simply the needs of moguls and/or major donors.

We have become corrupt though we are loathe to admit it. After all, we are Americans. We prefer myth to reality, and have rarely been able to acknowledge our own flaws or to face them. America is not being made great again. America is being significantly diminished.

Lewis Redding

Bar Harbor

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