Constituents unwelcome

To the Editor:

Rep. Bruce Poliquin does not meet publicly with constituents, and this week, he closed all of his Maine offices to any constituent without an advance appointment.

Not only that, he moved his Bangor office without posting the new address on his old door. The new office requires that people climb down four steps from the entrance, which is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities act!

Our district has the highest proportion of elderly folks anywhere in the country, and Poliquin frequently touts his efforts to help our veterans. How are the elderly and disabled vets supposed to meet with his staff?

The staff told me that they will arrange meetings at alternate locations; however, “separate but equal” was outlawed by the Civil Rights Act.

Come on, Poliquin, remember that you serve Mainers, not Washington insiders or lobbyists.

Amy Roebuck

Otter Creek

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