Conspiracy theory

To the Editor:

I question a recent Mount Desert Islander editorial, “No Parking Conspiracy,” which suggested, totally incorrectly, that Bar Harbor Warrant Committee members felt a need “to insult those of opposite mind or impugn their integrity in order to take a contrary position.” The editorial goes one step further suggesting to the public that the debate veered “into the realm of character assassination or worse.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The public needs to know that during the excellent discussion by the Warrant Committee members about the proposed parking amendments that no member ever mentioned anyone’s name. To suggest to the citizens of Bar Harbor that this meeting was anything other than civil and to the point is an outright fabrication. In fact, I believe that the Warrant Committee deliberations on the November warrant articles were one of the best discussions we have had.

While the Mount Desert Islander might need a controversy to boost ratings and sales, the town of Bar Harbor needs accurate information and commonsense recommendations to plan well for the future. Questioning proposed zoning changes and how these might impact our community should not be grounds for our local paper to lash out at this elected committee with hyperbole and conspiracy theory suggestions. Nothing can be farther from the truth and the role of your Warrant Committee.

The committee takes every proposal by our Town Council and Planning Board seriously. To denigrate our work by mentioning extraterrestrials and Bigfoot sighting is disingenuous at best.

The citizens of Bar Harbor deserve better from our local paper.

Michael J. Good

Town Hill

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