To the Editor:

On Wednesday, March 29, Rep. Bruce Poliquin held a telephone “town hall.” He left a message on my answering machine at 5:55 p.m. saying he was sorry I would miss it. There was no information about how I could join in after hearing the message.

I would have been interested in listening in on this town hall and hearing his response to questions about his support for the health care bill, the Trump budget and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Our local Indivisible group was meeting that night. There were 40 people who could have listened in together and learned how Poliquin comes to his decisions when voting on legislation.

I follow Poliquin on Facebook and Twitter. I’m on his email newsletter list. I call his office at least three times a week (A.J. in the office does a great job answering the phones, by the way). Yet I had no advance notice of his telephone town hall, and I have received no follow-up about the results of the event.

Paying close attention to our members of Congress is new to me. Perhaps unannounced, spur of the moment, telephone town halls are standard operating procedure for Poliquin. It just doesn’t strike me as a very effective way to communicate with constituents.

Gail Leiser

Bar Harbor

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