Viewpoint: Vote yes to save Maine 

By Elizabeth Caruso 

As an intervenor in the three state permitting proceedings, I am personally acquainted with the expert testimonies and evidence submitted for the NECEC project. Testifying at the Legislature, I witnessed a foreign-corporate army of lobbyists hammering upon our citizen legislators.  

I am writing to conscientious, knowledgeable Maine citizens who are concerned about Maine’s economy, climate future, a green pathway with its associated implications. 

It’s hard to believe that we are here once again to fight that scientific evidence be required for a scientific claim. But here we are again – and with good reason. Mainers deserve the truth found in scientific analysis, not false claims in media propaganda. 

One would think that throughout the onslaught of CMP’s and Hydro Quebec’s clean energy ads, touting beautiful forests and rivers (along with ugly smoke stacks not even located in Maine), there would actually be some evidence to support their claims. 

In reality, CMP spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight any kind of study to validate climate benefits or to prove that NECEC will reduce greenhouse gas emissions – at the PUC, at the DEP and at the State Legislature.  

  • At the PUC, CMP argued that greenhouse gas should be studied later at the DEP.  
  • In a letter to the DEP arguing against analyzing GHG criteria, CMP attorney Manahan stated, “In fact, nowhere has CMP stated that the Project’s purpose and need includes GHG emissions reductions.”  
  • And finally, with overwhelming support in committee and the Senate, CMP unleashed over 30 lobbyists to persuade the legislators of Maine citizens against LD 640 – Independent Study to verify GHG Emissions of the HQ system. 

If these foreign corporations, standing to make billions off Maine destruction, really cared about reducing GHG and combating climate… If they were confident that this project has carbon benefits and HQ has the capacity to supply clean energy, then they wouldn’t be stopping the analysis to actually provide evidence for their clean energy and climate benefits.  

To the contrary, the Massachusetts Attorney General submitted testimony from expert Dean M. Murphy to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities stating that: 

  • NECEC DOES NOT MEET the clean energy standards for their Section 83D RFP because it would not be “new” clean power.   
  • NECEC would NOT be required that these lines even carry new, clean energy.  
  • With regards to greenhouse gas benefit, Mr. Murphy clearly explains that HQ would implement “resource shuffling” or greenwashing, resulting in NO GREENHOUSE GAS REDUCTION as a result of NECEC.  
  • Hydro-Quebec has not confirmed or proven in any of Maine’s proceedings that the company actually has the additional capacity to provide this hydropower. In fact, HQ has committed to utilizing existing facilities to supply NECEC contracted energy. 

Corrupt practices by deceitful corporations cannot be allowed to run unbridled over Maine lands, industries and citizens. Companies that propose to make major development projects in Maine must first validate their greenhouse gas emissions, environmental or climate claims in a legitimate and proven analysis. Mainers deserve the truth and scientific facts, not false propaganda on social media.  

Living in, working in and representing a small, rural town within the corridor, I have eye witnessed the destruction of our area, the closing of critical snowmobile trails and the infiltration by a predominantly, out-of-state labor force…a truth far-opposite to CMP’s deceptive ads for Maine jobs. The Truth? A Wisconsin logging company, a New York tower manufacturer and local towns infiltrated with out-of-state license plates. 

If we’re going to fight climate change, the pathway should be legitimate and scientifically proven, not a scam by greedy foreign corporations. 

The record proves that NECEC is not green, not clean and not beneficial to Maine’s citizens or lands. VOTE YES to reject this green-energy scam and save Maine. 


Elizabeth Caruso is the First Selectman in the Town of Caratunk.

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