Viewpoint: Jab or job 

By Blake Rosso 

Last week in New York City, disgruntled garbage workers dumped their trash on Mayor de Blasio’s lawn during a rally outside his mansion. The garbage collectors were city employees gathered with friends and family to protest the vaccine mandate that de Blasio put in place that forces city workers to choose between their employment and their bodily autonomy. The display might have lacked tact, but the message was loud and clear: These mandates are hurting the very people who take care of you and keep your city safe and clean.  

All across NYC there have been rallies for months – everyday people, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, marching arm in arm because they are fed up with the controlling party of government trying to divide their communities and force medical procedures on people who don’t want them. Fire stations in NYC are closing down. Police officers, teachers, nurses and EMS workers by the hundreds are retiring early, quitting or moving to places like Florida where their personal health decisions will be protected.  

It’s the jab or your job. That’s the line that Democrats all across the country are using. Every single vaccine mandate in this country – from the federal level to the gubernatorial level – has come from a Democrat in power. Why is that so?  

Here on our own Island we hear about new infections among the fully vaccinated almost every day. It doesn’t take a censored epidemiologist to understand that mandates don’t make sense if these vaccines can’t prevent infection or transmission. 

The narrative that Republicans are stupid and anti-science and that is why they don’t want these mandates is ridiculous. It’s time we start calling that storyline what it is: a highbrow lesson in gaslighting set by left leaning politicians hoping to make their constituents feel smarter for consuming whatever products their industry-backed donors put in front of them. 

Virginia turned red up and down the ballot last week. That happened because everyday people – left, right and in between – are starting to figure it out. Fire fighters, police officers, teachers, suburban parents, city garbage collectors (many of them longstanding democrats and left leaning independents), said No to a Big Pharma/technocratic agenda. 

The recently ousted governor of Virginia, democrat Terry McAuliffe, ran on a platform of requiring COVID vaccines for healthcare workers, school employees and all students over 12. He even joked about changing the sate motto to: “Virginia is for the Vaccinated.” His challenger, the newly elected governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin, ran on a pro-vaccine, anti-mandate message. Youngkin’s position on COVID and vaccines was clear and honest and it resonated with the people. He stated over and over that he believed that vaccines worked to prevent serious injury and death but the choice on whether to take any medication should always remain between doctors and patients. The people responded. 

The people of Virginia – a state that President Joe Biden carried by over 10 points in 2020 – flocked to the right last week and elected a Republican governor, a Republican lieutenant governor and a Republican attorney general. 

This election went the way of the people. That’s the simple story. It went the way of fire fighters, nurses, EMS workers, parents and garbage collectors of all races and creeds who are sick of technocratic governance and medical segregation tactics. 

Democrat leadership should take notice. Long time Democrats like me are beginning to see through the ruse. Telling everyday Americans what is best for them when their own eyes, ears and hearts tell them something different is not a sustainable approach. Strong arm authoritarian tactics cannot run a functional democracy. For all the de Blasios out there…please ditch the big money mandates and get back to governing for the people. After all, who will take out your trash if all the working-class families leave your state? 

Blake Rosso resides in Southwest Harbor.


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