• Tax plan not just for rich

    By Gov. Paul LePage Forty-six years ago, Democratic Governor Ken Curtis championed a controversial state income tax. So it began; Mainer’s paychecks were raided to pay for bigger government. In 1969, the income tax barely survived the Legislature, and today, $1.2 billion dollars is taken from hardworking Mainers through income tax. Nearly 50 years later,

  • The Trans-Pacific partnership – bad for Maine

    Coming soon to you: the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” trade agreement (TPP). It will affect you because, among other things, it enables any corporation in one of its participating countries to sue any participating country’s government – national, state or local – whose action the corporation says has hurt its investments or profits. It doesn’t matter if

  • My journey to Selma

    By Senator Susan Collins As a young girl growing up in Northern Maine, the turmoil in the South during the 1960s seemed a world away to me. Our schools focused mainly on earlier periods of American history. We learned about the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, but as students, we were not fully aware

  • More help for rural veterans

    Increased access to health care for our veterans, especially those in rural areas, must be among our nation’s priorities. The men and women who have served America deserve no less, regardless of where in America they live.

  • A complex taxation picture

    Work has heated up considerably in your state legislature over the last month and many of you have written to me with questions and concerns about the governor’s budget proposal.

  • Work with nurses to improve care

    Nurses at Mount Desert Island Hospital have struggled since 2004 to make new technology a safe and effective tool to enhance patient care. But management has not taken the nurses seriously when they reported “near misses” with medications. Due to the nurses’ diligence, a new group of remote pharmacists have been employed, and so far, the mistake rate has declined.