• Viewpoint: My life in typewriters 

    By Todd R. Nelson  My father’s secretaries used to request he close his office door while typing so they needn’t hear his speed. By this time in his career, he had an IBM Selectric, a Ferrari compared to the big, black Royal typewriter we had at home, a 1955 Buick by comparison; like the difference between a pneumatic nail gun and

  • Viewpoint: Kids and Kovid 

    By Steven Kassels Let’s for the moment try out using the letter “K” for I want us to focus on how kids and young adults have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.  A recent CDC report (Mental Health, Substance Use and Suicidal Ideation During the Covid-19 Pandemic) reviewed effects of the pandemic on different population groups and

  • Viewpoint: Let’s talk about the CMP Corridor 

    By Rep. Nicole Grohoski  You’ve probably noticed that the volume is turned way up on Ballot Question 1 as we hurtle toward Election Day on Nov. 2. Many constituents have approached me with questions like “I don’t like the CMP Corridor, but what about the climate?” or “Will other businesses be affected?” or “What does a ‘yes’ vote do?” There’s

  • Viewpoint: Vote to protect your food freedom   

    By Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham To the Editor:  People of Maine, I am writing to urge each of you to vote “yes” in support of Question 3 this Nov. 2. Question 3, or the “Right to Food,” as it’s called, is a constitutional amendment to protect the individual’s right to grow and produce your own food for

  • Viewpoint: Vote yes on 4

    By Earl Brechlin  Residents of Bar Harbor have a real opportunity to make a strong statement about the future of this community when voting on Article 4 on the town’s Nov. 2 written ballot.   There’s no way to overstate the fact that if we don’t vote “yes” and pass question 4, the year-round core of this

  • Viewpoint: It’s time to give back 

    By Sophia Anderson  My name is Sophia Anderson, I am 16 years old and a resident of Bar Harbor. Ever since I was born here in Bar Harbor, I have had an incredibly strong personal and communal connection with the earth. Anyone who’s a local will know that the people of Bar Harbor depend on the habitat around

  • Viewpoint: Vote No on 4, Yes on 6: Homeowner’s rights matter 

    By Erica Brooks  The devil is in the details. If you are seeing the signs, “save our community vote yes on 4,” pop up, I urge you to thoroughly read the ordinance and understand the repercussions and potential unintended consequences that would devastate our community if Article 4 passes.   The article discusses regulation and deregulation of the current

  • Viewpoint: Climate change won’t wait 

    By Steven Katona  The Nov. 2 Bar Harbor ballot includes a Land Use Ordinance Amendment – Solar Photovoltaic Systems. I will vote “Yes.” Here’s why.  Fewer than 10 years remain for societies to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in order to have a reasonable chance of limiting average global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above the “pre-industrial” level

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