• Capitol Commentary: Mattis, Syria and U.S. foreign policy

    By Fred Benson   “It is always dangerous for soldiers, sailors, or airmen to play at politics. They enter a sphere in which the values are quite different from those to which they have hitherto been accustomed.” — Winston Churchill, “The Gathering Storm,” 1948. Civilian control of the military is so thoroughly ingrained in our

  • Viewpoint: Legacy of the Farm House

    By Ward Miller The Town Of Bar Harbor should make it a priority to protect the Farm House (also known as Mizzentop Gardens, from the commercial encroachment of hotels and other businesses into the surrounding neighborhood. While the owners of the Farm House property and the neighbors are very thankful for the many distinguished

  • Viewpoint: Building a Green New Deal

    Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein sees reason for hope even in the face of an administration eager to trash the earth and to muzzle all those who oppose its vicious agenda. Klein applauds the growing grassroots movement behind a Green New Deal. Agitation both within and without the halls of Congress — spearheaded by

  • Community Forum: Capitol Commentary 2020 already looms large

    By Fred Benson   With most election night uncertainties resolved, Senate Republicans are celebrating their strengthened majority while House Democrats gleefully consider what they might do to undermine the Trump presidency through oversight hearings and a blue wave of subpoenas. Meanwhile, a flailing president continues his attacks on anyone he dislikes as he ignores —

  • Community Forum: Remembering Sue Hubbell

    by Martha Barron Barrett   After reading several fine obituaries about Sue Hubbell, the nationally known writer and adventurer-in-living, it occurred to me to add the perspective of Sue as I knew her: a Wyman Road woman. Technically, her address was the narrow Tom Leighton Point Road that extends into the woods beyond the Wyman

  • Viewpoint: Kavanaugh feigned ignorance

    By Phil Worden   I believed Dr. Ford’s testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing before Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. And I understand why the sexual misconduct issue dwarfed all other issues. But some of the issues raised in the original proceedings deserve revisiting because they deal with how our Supreme Court

  • Community forum: When times are tough, plan a kitchen

    By Martha Nordstrom   In those trying times, those boring times, those times of waiting, in the dull and onerous interstices between life’s more exciting moments, I plan kitchens in my head. That’s my coping skill and my mantra. It’s what gets me through a tough day. I’ve been doing it for more than 40

  • Viewpoint: Hearing goes off the rails

    Last week, I watched the proceedings of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Whether you are for or against the issue, I am sure that many victims of sexual assault are re-experiencing their own traumas vicariously. Peace and blessings to you in this terrible and highly publicized event. As a fellow survivor

  • Guest Column: Adventures with Bill Ruger

    By Michael Ian Hallet The following is the text of a speech given at William Ruger’s funeral Saturday, Sept. 22. It happened something like this. Alexander Phillips, the clockmaker in Bar Harbor and resident musician at East of Eden called me up one day back in 2005 or so. He said a fellow by the

  • Capitol Commentary

    A midterm State of the Union assessment By Fred Benson Forty-six days from now, voters will go to the polls to set the nation’s political azimuth for the next two years. Most midterm elections are unconvincingly described as being far more important than others, but this time it’s real. It is widely acknowledged that the