• Viewpoint: Food waste is a problem we can solve

    By Mary Ann Handel and Barbara Tennent  Food waste, global and local, is an enormous problem, economically, morally and environmentally, but one that is being addressed locally by A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) and other groups.   Worldwide, 1.3 billion tons of food, or one-third of all food produced is wasted, an economic cost of $48.3

  • Viewpoint: Thank you, MDIRSS staff 

    By the AOS 91 School Board   The AOS 91 School Board writes this letter to all Mount Desert Island Regional School System staff to thank each and every one of you who have worked tirelessly over the past two years to educate, nurture and care for our children, their families and our community.   The past

  • Viewpoint: A question of character 

    By Gail Marshall  We just voted in a special election to elect Rep. Nicole Grohoski as our state senator.  Rep. Grohoski and her special election opponent, Republican Brian Langley, will appear on the ballot for a full term in November. So, shortly we will get a re-do.  Maybe this time Mr. Langley will be willing

  • Viewpoint: Changing the world, vote by vote 

    By Bill Horner  On the evening of Dec. 14, 1998, our 25-year-old son Mark was called to the front door of his home. His roommate had answered the doorbell and found an unknown man standing on the porch. When Mark came to the door, he was quickly shot to death by the man’s handgun. My

  • Viewpoint: Time, tide and Tuscany 

    By Todd R. Nelson  One July, I set my watch by the church bells of San Regolo, Italy, for three weeks. But that is not how you tell time in San Regolo.  The hourly bells chime down its narrow streets, along the ancient stone houses, out over the surrounding olive groves, cypress trees and vineyards

  • Viewpoint: A remedy for our nation’s gun addiction 

    By Nick Humez  President Biden has declared that he does not have the power to take away people’s guns. This is strictly true but somewhat disingenuous. As Article II, Section 2, of the United States Constitution states plainly and unequivocally, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United

  • Viewpoint: We get what we VOTE for 

    By Richard Baldarelli  I am sick and tired of lawmakers’ outrage at yet another mass shooting. Their positions run out of rage well before anything gets done legislatively to stop the carnage.   Perhaps most frustrating is an inability to stop the insanity of unrestricted civilian access to assault-style weapons. Sure, assault-style rifles like the AR-15

  • Viewpoint: Article 3 will support JAX growth, but not sprawl 

    By Michael McKernan  When Bar Harbor voters cast their ballots in the town election June 14, they will be asked to consider a land use ordinance (LUO) request to expand the Scientific Research for Eleemosynary Purposes District (shortened to Scientific Research for this article). This LUO request was made by The Jackson Laboratory to help

  • Viewpoint: Support town-owned solar power at town meeting 

    By Kenneth Colburn  The impacts of climate change are now bearing down upon us; we now have less than 10 years to reduce carbon emissions enough to mitigate its worst effects. Fortunately, Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island’s other towns have recognized the need for urgent action.   In November 2019, the town of Bar Harbor

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