• Viewpoint: Semi-open primaries will bring our political process in line with our values 

    By Rep. Nicole Grohoski  Whenever I’m weighing decisions and votes in Augusta — or, this year, from home via Zoom with my colleagues scattered across the state — I aim to stay grounded in our community. It’s clear to me from the conversations I’ve had at doors and around town these past few years that many of us share the same values. We work hard,

  • Viewpoint: Providing healthcare in a pandemic  

    By Dr. Mark Kandutsch  On behalf of the entire MDI Hospital team, I’d like to thank you, our patients and community for your patience throughout this pandemic—and for the vital role you play in the fight against COVID-19. Masks, distancing, staying home when asked to and staying vigilant about your health status are measures that have kept our community remarkably

  • Viewpoint: Saving Frenchman Bay

    By Steve Weber Poverty sucks! It literally diminishes our ability to be ourselves, to do the right thing. It compromises opportunities for education, for a healthy diet, for medical care, for employment, even for longevity. This should come as no surprise to us Mainers. At $55,602, our beloved state of Maine ranks 36th in per

  • Viewpoint: Town manager fired ‘for convenience’ 

    By Lydia Goetze  The article in the Jan. 28 Islander has people asking what bad thing did the Southwest Harbor Town Manager do to have the Board of Selectmen dump him so summarily? The first answer is nothing bad; they had to fire him “for convenience” (and continue to pay his salary) rather than “for cause” because

  • Viewpoint: DMR needs to get back in gear 

    By Leslie Harlow  Today, oyster farms in Maine extend along the coast from York County up through the eastern regions of Washington County, where the prized bivalve has become a major player in America’s oyster industry.   Back in the 1970s, marine scientists and entrepreneurial watermen began experimenting with new technology to reignite heritage oyster farming. Applying new techniques using rafts,

  • Viewpoint: Sheriff Kane needs to resign 

    I was shocked and dismayed to read the Jan. 28 story in the Islander about Hancock County Sheriff Scott Kane canceling a contract for recovery services with Healthy Acadia because the organization voiced support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.   The decision is misguided, shortsighted and flat-out ignorant – a kneejerk reaction that is unfortunately typical of so many law enforcement agencies in

  • Viewpoint: Presidential pardons and the case from Maine 

    By Paul Mills  President Trump’s recent pardoning marathon has shed new light on an often overlooked sphere of presidential authority. As one of the few powers that the White House can exercise without either Congressional or, so far at least, judicial oversight, it’s worth taking a look at how some of our other presidents have wielded this potent baton.   That the rich and powerful

  • Viewpoint: Celebrating ACTT’s fifth anniversary 

    By Johannah Blackman and Dennis Kiley  Five years ago, we flipped the calendar to 2016 and looked ahead to May and the birth of our first child. We were also busily preparing for another significant occurrence: the launch of A Climate to Thrive with a community event at the Neighborhood House on Jan. 24.   To raise awareness about ACTT and the launch event, we sat down

  • Viewpoint: Never again – our Constitution’s answer to insurrection

    By Gray Cox When a mob successfully breaks into our nation’s Capitol building with the aim of overturning a presidential election and overthrowing our democratic process of government, we have to consider this a seditious insurrection. When they organize ahead on social media and bring weapons and proceed to intimidate, assault and kill, we have

  • Viewpoint: Time to improve rural public transportation

    By Rep. Lynne Williams I am so pleased about my election to the Legislature, from House District 135, including the towns of Bar Harbor, Lamoine and Mount Desert. Thank you to everyone for giving me your trust and I will work hard to make that trust well-placed. I am pleased that I have been appointed