• Viewpoint: Preserve last source of MDI granite

    by Jeff Gammelin   I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on the Hall Quarry discussion. In the heat of legal sparring and emotion, certain details that complete the picture may have been overlooked. Freshwater Stone has goals — maybe the better word is ideals — not normally found in a

  • Community Forum: Protect, enjoy butterflies

    To the Editor: Last evening, I was thrilled to see several female monarch butterflies laying eggs on the milkweed plants in our summer campground on Mount Desert Island. For the last six summer seasons we have come to the great state of Maine and have worked in the tourism industry. Monarchs have always held a

  • Viewpoint: Tackle Bar Harbor’s housing crisis

    By Gary Friedmann   Every month we’re losing another year-round family as lack of affordable housing drives working families off our island. A front-page story in last week’s Bangor Daily News identified this crisis. It’s time we acknowledge the urgency of this challenge and, as a community, take decisive action to address it. There is

  • Community Forum: Madness of mass shootings

    By Gail Marshall   In El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, a total of at least 31 people were murdered and dozens more were injured in back-to-back blood baths. In each case the murderer killed his victims with high-powered rifles. In Dayton, police shot the murderer a minute after he began shooting. That minute was

  • Viewpoint; Quiet the oceans

    By Steven S. Honigman and Joel Reynolds   As the recent Emmy Award-winning nature documentary “Sonic Sea” demonstrates, for marine animals, sound is life. Whales, dolphins and many species of fish rely upon sound to find food, locate mates and offspring, maintain social bonds and navigate and orient themselves in the sea. But their ability

  • Community Forum; Who belongs here?

    By Todd R. Nelson   It’s a commonplace statement: “We are a nation of immigrants,” most with a family story arc originating elsewhere. Many are several generations away from their actual immigrant experience; some of us new arrivals. We forget how to embrace the strength in that history. After all, just what is an American?

  • Community Forum: Policymakers unite around lobstermen

    By Reps. Billy Bob Faulkingham and Will Tuell   Unless you have had your head stuck in a bait pocket the past few months, you know by now that Maine’s lobster fishing industry is facing two major crises – a shortage of available and affordable bait, as well as a set of new rules and

  • Viewpoint: Gerrymandering and magical thinking

    by John March   Last month the Supreme Court held that even extreme gerrymandering is not unconstitutional, or at least not subject to any remedy that can be fashioned by the courts. Redistricting, the court held, is exclusively the province of the legislative branch, and that is where any remedy or reform must take place.

  • Viewpoint: Vietnam stories must be told

    By President Barack Obama   Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from a speech given on Memorial Day 2012 at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. This week, the American Legion, George Edwin Kirk Post 25 in Bar Harbor hosted a Maine Vietnam Veteran Recognition Ceremony. Today begins the 50th commemoration of our war

  • Viewpoint; On the basis of sex

    By Nancy Murdock   Maine has a chance to do what the United States as a nation has failed to do: include women as fully equal citizens in the eyes of the law. Except for the United States, nearly every developed nation has a constitution that has a provision to protect women and men from discrimination based