• Viewpoint: Margaret Chase Smith’s heirs

    by Gail Marshall   Many times Senator Susan Collins has gushed her adoration of Senator Margaret Chase Smith, who, in 1950, stood in the Senate to speak her “Declaration of Conscience.” It was the act of one woman who found the courage to challenge Senator Joseph McCarthy’s long running, mendacious campaign of hatred that had

  • Community Forum: Honesty, self-awareness keys to recovery

    By Linda Napier   “I was sitting on the steps of the rehab waiting for my daughter,” Jen began, “and felt this sense of defeat: this place of desperation. I saw my little girl getting out of the car, holding her foster mother’s hand and calling her Mommy. “It wasn’t a control thing but my

  • Community Forum: Wisdom for empowered action

    By Richard Parker   Two meetings have been held in Bar Harbor this year to provide a forum for open and unfiltered conversation about climate disruption and global heating, to discuss what individuals can do, and to explore ways to reduce stress and anxiety living in times with such uncertainty. Steve Runnings reworked Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’

  • Viewpoint: Whales, tariffs and warming

    By Sen. Angus S. King Jr.   This week, we celebrate one of Maine’s most famous residents — and no, I’m not talking about Stephen King or the couple who say “buttery flaky crust” in the Dysart’s commercial. Actually, this week marks National Lobster Day, when we celebrate not only our favorite crustacean, but all

  • Viewpoint: Biomedical research a wise investment

    By Sen. Susan M. Collins   Earlier this year, The Jackson Laboratory announced it will increase wages and hire 300 more workers by 2020. This exciting plan by the Bar Harbor-based scientific institution demonstrates the tremendous benefits of biomedical research in both improving human health and growing Maine’s economy. Biomedical research has the power to

  • Community Forum: Finding our conscience again

    By Mary Holway   Nearly 70 years ago, in the summer of 1950, Maine Republican Senator Margaret Chase Smith confronted Joseph McCarthy, the then-powerful Republican senator from Wisconsin, on the floor of the U.S. Congress. McCarthy had successfully exploded American politics by advancing the conspiratorial theory known as the “Red Scare.” Utilizing fear tactics and

  • Community Forum: Climate denial an attractive myth

    By Susan Letcher   In my 40-year lifetime, I’ve witnessed two profound shifts that are shaping our collective future. The first is climate change. As a kid, I can remember some years when we skated on Echo Lake before Thanksgiving. Imagine that today. My personal experience is one tiny and insignificant data point. But now,

  • Viewpoint: Tourism businesses get a bad rap

    By Stephen Coston I write in response to the recent column by Jill Goldthwait (published in the Aug. 15 Islander) entitled “Resisting a summer-only economy.” First I should note that, although I am a member of Bar Harbor’s Town Council, the opinions expressed in this letter should in no way be construed as being representative

  • Viewpoint: Preserve last source of MDI granite

    by Jeff Gammelin   I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on the Hall Quarry discussion. In the heat of legal sparring and emotion, certain details that complete the picture may have been overlooked. Freshwater Stone has goals — maybe the better word is ideals — not normally found in a

  • Community Forum: Protect, enjoy butterflies

    To the Editor: Last evening, I was thrilled to see several female monarch butterflies laying eggs on the milkweed plants in our summer campground on Mount Desert Island. For the last six summer seasons we have come to the great state of Maine and have worked in the tourism industry. Monarchs have always held a