• Viewpoint: Vote yes to save Maine 

    By Elizabeth Caruso  As an intervenor in the three state permitting proceedings, I am personally acquainted with the expert testimonies and evidence submitted for the NECEC project. Testifying at the Legislature, I witnessed a foreign-corporate army of lobbyists hammering upon our citizen legislators.   I am writing to conscientious, knowledgeable Maine citizens who are concerned about Maine’s economy, climate future, a green pathway with its associated implications.  It’s hard to believe that we

  • Viewpoint: Let’s trust Yankee common sense 

    By Nicola Knipe and Karl Kusserow  As Maine taxpayers for more than 30 years, we believe in protecting the state’s pristine waters and parklands and supporting industries that bring good jobs to Mainers. The proposed American Aquafarms project in Frenchman Bay will do neither. American Aquafarms will industrialize and may ruin one of the most beautiful recreation spots on

  • Viewpoint: Public health wins and losses in state budget 

    By Rebecca Boulos   Executive Director, Maine Public Health Association     Public health is supposed to be nonpartisan. It’s unfortunate when legislators play politics with people’s health, yet that’s just what happened when Maine legislators serving on the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs voted unanimously to remove provisions from the Governor’s proposal that would have ended

  • Viewpoint: Central American migrants – We’re here because you were there 

    By John Buell  Democrats claim to defend an honest rendition of U.S. history, one that will be attentive to the injustices inflicted by slavery and racism. Unfortunately, however, that honesty stops at the water’s edge. While the president prepared for and conducted a widely- covered summit that, among other things, warned Russians not to interfere once again in U.S. elections, Vice President Harris

  • Viewpoint: It’s time to democratize the grid 

    By Larry Gilman  Maine, land of curious superlatives: Most forest coverage of any state (90 percent). Whitest. Most geriatric. The only state to border just one other. The only one-syllable state. Slightly more coastline than California. More lobster than God’s own kitchen.  We are also one of the worst five U.S. states for number and

  • Viewpoint: Look before we launch – Study the ground-based strategic deterrent before funding it

    By Gray Cox When we can save $264 billion, we should look carefully. Especially when spending can backfire with the opposite of what we want. For example, Congress is considering a $264 billion system from Northrop Grumman meant to replace some 400 aging Air Force Minuteman III missiles. This “Ground Based Strategic Deterrent” system (GBSD) would replace

  • Viewpoint: Fiberight technology can put Maine on the global waste disposal map 

    By Steven L. Glauberman  In response to Donald Lodge’s Letter to the Editor, dated May 13, I would not characterize the MRC contracting with Fiberight a “pig in the poke.’ While the Hampden plant is Fiberight’s first commercial plant, Fiberight has been developing its advanced recycling technology since its formation in 2007. It built and operated two pilot plants and then upgraded one

  • Viewpoint: Time to hit the brakes on offshore wind 

    By Rep. Billy Bob Faulkingham  In 2017, offshore wind generation appeared to be a dead issue in Maine. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had just completed an extensive study that deemed it too expensive for ratepayers. Now it is moving again at the speed of light.   In 2019, eighty percent of Maine’s electricity generation came from

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