• Viewpoint: Support town-owned solar power at town meeting 

    By Kenneth Colburn  The impacts of climate change are now bearing down upon us; we now have less than 10 years to reduce carbon emissions enough to mitigate its worst effects. Fortunately, Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island’s other towns have recognized the need for urgent action.   In November 2019, the town of Bar Harbor

  • Viewpoint: Helping first generation college students  

    By Sen. Susan M. Collins  Beginning with Upward Bound nearly 60 years ago, the package of federal programs known as TRIO has expanded higher education opportunities for underserved students across the country. As the Senate co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional TRIO Caucus, I am proud to be an advocate for these important and often life-changing

  • Viewpoint: Essential health care includes abortion 

    By Gail Marshall and Julian Kuffler, M.D., MPH  May we begin on a personal note? Gail had an abortion by choice early in a pregnancy. It was the right decision. It was not the right time for us to have a child. It was not wrenching. It did not leave emotional scars or physical harm.

  • Viewpoint: There’s nothing community about it 

    By Angela Chamberlain  I write this letter as a Bar Harbor property owner and abutter to this project, not in my capacity as the code enforcement officer. The Bar Harbor Planning Board is currently reviewing a proposal for a ground-mounted, large-scale solar energy project located on the Knox Road, directly adjacent to several residential homes

  • Viewpoint: Poetic drafts 

    by Todd R. Nelson    “A poem is never finished, only abandoned,” wrote W.H. Auden, seconding Paul Valéry. I think it’s an indirect paean to revising, multiple drafts, and the benefits of dissatisfaction. I imagine any of the poems Auden “abandoned” had gone through multiple drafts before appearing in print. A favorite poem of mine went

  • Viewpoint: Corporate invasion in Town Hill 

    By Michael J. Good  Having watched and listened to the Planning Board meeting from April 6, here are my three main concerns pertaining to the Bar Harbor community solar project (SP-2022-02) being planned for the Knox Road in Town Hill by a corporate absentee landowner.  First, I am most seriously concerned about the role the Bar

  • Viewpoint: The Maine lobster industry is overlooking weak sleeves 

    By Bill McWeeny  Currently, Maine lobstermen are under pressure to install weak contrivances, better known as weak links, in their endlines by May 1. This measure is required by NOAA Fisheries to help reduce the risk of endangered North Atlantic right whales from being seriously injured or accidently killed during an entanglement. Maine lobstermen say

  • Viewpoint: Reject proposed mussel farm factory in Frenchman Bay 

    By Judith Burger-Gossart  I attended the Acadia Aqua Farms hearings to learn more about the de Koning proposal.  Day one, March 28: Present were 80 members of the public who attended via their phones or computers, plus 10 people who attended the hearing in person.  Fiona and Alex de Koning earnestly and enthusiastically presented their

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