• Viewpoint: Start a conversation and lend a hand 

    By Ann Rivers  I would like to address some of the specifics in the recent Islander article, “Is Animal Rescue Commercial?” ahead of the hearing on Sept. 23.  Ann Rivers of Acadia Exotics is my niece. She lives on Kimball Road, Northeast Harbor, in a house where three generations of Rivers have lived. She rescues domestic pets that have been discarded

  • Viewpoint: More voices make better laws 

    By Julie Berberian and Anna Durand  The Charter Commission met for over a year to consider changes to the foundational document of our town’s governing structure. The commission forged a consensus on six out of nine major changes that will be presented to voters in November. On three of the nine changes, we were unable to reach consensus and two of us wrote a minority report, a synopsis of

  • Viewpoint: Advancing the idea of civil unrest is dangerous

    By Art Paine  For 20 years I have listened to conservative talk radio. My liberal friends say they sometimes try but can’t tolerate it long. Ever since William F. Buckley (who was at least erudite), I’ve considered it a citizen’s obligation to tune in. Partly that’s because I’m a veteran and, like many veterans, I take it as an ongoing obligation to “support and defend” this country and everything it claims to stand for. Buckley

  • Viewpoint: Supporting Maine’s forest products industry 

    By Sen. Susan M. Collins  Throughout Maine’s history, our forest products industry has created good-paying jobs, driven local economies and sustained rural communities. It is a linchpin of our state’s economy, generating an estimated $619 million in economic output and providing $342 million in income to around 9,000 Mainers.  Across the nation, this vital industry was already facing

  • Viewpoint: Maine’s highest court is a different case study 

    By Paul Mills  “We’d fill it.” Those were the three words of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when asked what the GOP would do if a high court vacancy occurred in the last year of the President’s term.   News that 87-year–old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is confronting another cancer diagnosis has reignited speculation that the Trump White House may have

  • Viewpoint: Absentee ballots AND a drop box

    By Richard Baldarelli  There is widespread concern that voters in November will have to face the difficult decision of risking exposure to the coronavirus while waiting in line to vote in person, or risking disenfranchisement while waiting for their mail-in ballots to arrive in time to be counted. Broad availability of ballot drop boxes is an important

  • Viewpoint: Animal shelters are adapting 

    By Kaitlyn Mullen  Nearly all aspects of living in Maine have fundamentally changed since the beginning of COVID-19, and Maine residents and businesses have adapted quickly to this new reality. While there are many common challenges, there are several challenges specific to operating animal shelters.  Like so many nonprofits, animal shelters are primarily volunteer-driven organizations. Volunteers

  • Viewpoint: Way to beat those pandemic pounds 

    By Dora Anne Mills    When I open up social media these days, I often see references to “pandemic pounds” and “quarantine couch calories” among photos of banana bread and homemade mac and cheese. They reassure me that I’m not the only one struggling to eat healthy and exercise safely these last few months.   The good news is that just as COVID-19 has

  • Viewpoint: Listen to the youth 

    By Samuel Murray  America is currently undergoing a radical transformation in the way we live our lives, from an ongoing civil rights movement to COVID-19, and so much in our lives has been upended since the middle of March.    The voices of the youth are reverberating across the nation and the world with more