• Viewpoint: Electricity innovation needed

    by Gary Friedmann   A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) is a nonprofit citizens organization with the mission of making Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030. We have petitioned Maine’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to intervene in the sale of Emera Maine to ENMAX, a Canadian utility owned by the City of Calgary, Alberta. Maine

  • Community Forum: Who are the real extremists

    By John Buell   Is a candidate or party centrist? This question matters because many voters think of themselves as moderates or centrists. Some of my friends tell me they are waiting to find a good moderate to support. And many voters, not heavily engaged in the political process, are responsive to labels. Therefore the

  • Community Forum; Gardens and gratitude

    By Emily and Jim Fuchs High on our list of experiences for which we are grateful this Thanksgiving is having had the chance to know the life and works of landscape gardener Beatrix Farrand (1872-1959). Her gardens, public and private, are nationally and internationally celebrated. First we enjoyed her designs at Princeton University in New

  • Viewpoint: Your input on economic development

    By Governor Janet Mills   Last week I had a great discussion up at Blair Hill Inn and Restaurant in Greenville with business owners, residents, development leaders and local lawmakers. We focused on ideas and strategies for economic growth in rural Maine, particularly Western Maine. You know diversifying our economy, empowering innovators and attracting young,

  • Community Forum: Health insurance and peace of mind

    By Sen. Angus S. King Jr.   As winter approaches, Maine people are busy preparing for low temperatures, high snowfalls, and a holiday season that seems to grow a little longer each year. With so much to do (and shorter days making it even harder to get it all done), I know how easy it

  • Viewpoint: A Veterans Day proclamation

    What follows is a portion of the text of a Presidential Proclamation issued Nov. 9. On Nov. 11, Americans commemorate the service, sacrifice and immeasurable contributions of our Nation’s veterans who have proudly worn our country’s uniform to defend and preserve our precious liberty. As we celebrate Veterans Day, we pause to recognize the brave

  • Capitol Commentary; Veterans Day Thoughts

    By Fred Benson   There are approximately 20.4 million U.S. veterans living today, three fourths of whom served during wartime: seven million during the Gulf Wars, 5.5 million during Vietnam, 1.5 million during Korea and 600,000 from World War II. Most combat veterans are reluctant to talk about their wartime experiences, but all have stories

  • Viewpoint: Eastern gateway to the Arctic

    By Governor Janet Mills   What follows is the text of a radio address delivered Oct. 18 Last week I led the largest delegation ever from the State of Maine to the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik. Well, why were we in Iceland you might ask? Well, Maine’s delegation traveled to Iceland this year as

  • Viewpoint: Margaret Chase Smith’s heirs

    by Gail Marshall   Many times Senator Susan Collins has gushed her adoration of Senator Margaret Chase Smith, who, in 1950, stood in the Senate to speak her “Declaration of Conscience.” It was the act of one woman who found the courage to challenge Senator Joseph McCarthy’s long running, mendacious campaign of hatred that had

  • Community Forum: Honesty, self-awareness keys to recovery

    By Linda Napier   “I was sitting on the steps of the rehab waiting for my daughter,” Jen began, “and felt this sense of defeat: this place of desperation. I saw my little girl getting out of the car, holding her foster mother’s hand and calling her Mommy. “It wasn’t a control thing but my