• Viewpoint: Reflections on ‘local knowledge’ 

    By Dr. Bill Horner  The life of my friend, physician and former colleague, Edward B. Gilmore, M.D., came to its inevitable end at 11 a.m., Monday, Aug. 8, 2022. In the nautical parlance, he slipped his mooring for the last time, crossed the bar and headed out to sea on his final voyage.   Given his

  • Viewpoint: Why do we stand? 

    By Susan Covino Buell For almost two months, year-round MDI residents and members of the Northeast Harbor summer community have been standing in front of Leonard Leo’s Northeast Harbor home.  We hold signs. We talk to passersby. We hand out leaflets. We stand on public property. We hope people will learn about the dangers of

  • Viewpoint: Two visions of Bar Harbor 

    By Charles Sidman   Within a larger and ongoing process of self-reflection, Bar Harbor is currently faced with and must decide between two competing visions of what it wants to be as a town and how it wants to govern itself. The following is a status report from one side in this debate.  First, the writer

  • Viewpoint: What has changed on Mount Desert Island? 

    By Mariana Sorensen  Sunday, July 31, was a sad day for our community. A 21-year-old Bar Harbor resident was arrested while exercising his First Amendment rights near the Northeast Harbor house of Leonard Leo. Mr. Leo is best known for his outsized role in shaping the lopsided U.S. Supreme Court that recently overturned Roe v.

  • Viewpoint: We are all the community 

    By Mary Galperin  I went to the Bar Harbor Town Hall hearing on July 19. It was about the very controversial topic of cruise ships. I go back and forth on my position on cruise ships. So, I went to hear more about it. It was a great opportunity for free speech.  Many local business

  • Viewpoint: Trumpism and political theater in Bar Harbor 

    By Charles Sidman   The orchestrated theatrical (aka “public hearing”) put on at and by Bar Harbor’s Town Council this past Tuesday warrants the following comments that were not permitted to be made at the hearing itself.  First, a self-selected subset of businesses blatantly trumpeting their narrow financial self-interests from maximum cruise ship traffic, and thus

  • Viewpoint: Acadia’s carriage paths have healing power 

    By Rick Smith  I am writing in appreciation of all those who have built, maintained and provided access to Acadia National Park’s magnificent Carriage Roads and handicap-accessible trails.  I lived my formative years here on Mount Desert Island, attending local schools, and experienced the joys of this wonderworld: boating, lobstering, swimming, hiking, biking, golfing and

  • Viewpoint: What service industry workers deserve  

    By Ellen Nolan  As we quickly approach the middle of July, and the tourist season is in full swing, the demand on workers is much greater, especially in the service industry. With the increase in seasonal businesses on the rise in the great state of Maine, the workforce for the industry can’t keep up. (Hallelujah

  • Viewpoint: Keep calm and carry on like Gramma Evelyn 

    By Todd R. Nelson  Exasperation over recent events summons fond memories of my wife’s Gramma Evelyn – and inspiration. She knew how to handle despair. It’s often the simplest responses, found in the examples of our elders, that prove restorative and energizing. Some of them have been here before, over and over. Ask a grandparent

  • Viewpoint: What can be said after so much grief? 

    By Hugh Curran  What more can be said with so much grief, after the spate of recent gun violence around the country? Can anything be added that has not already been said? The same questions have been haunting the country over the past two decades. Why do mass shootings appear to be accelerating? Why are

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