• Viewpoint: Turning back the clocks on women’s rights

    By Beth Ellen Warner  When leaving the Jesup Memorial Library today, I noticed the ladies next door are speaking up with a wonderful sign for all to see, right there on Mt. Desert Street in downtown Bar Harbor, which says, “Dear SCOTUS, Please consider carefully.”  Nobody likes abortion. Unfortunately, only men in our nation have choice. Men

  • Viewpoint: Free our towns from the MRC 

    By Jim Vallette  In 2019, our town leaders placed their faith (and control of our waste) in the Municipal Review Committee. All of a sudden, in July 2019, bins for paper and glass and cans disappeared from the transfer station in Southwest Harbor. We were promised that single bin collection was going to make recycling more efficient, once a processing plant opened in Hampden. The $70 million operation lasted for

  • Viewpoint: Saving the feathered jewels of Cuba

    By Michael J. Good I had an opportunity to be an ambassador to Cuba 19 years ago and led my first Cuba bird survey in a country whose ecology I have now come to love as deeply as my own home. During February 2022, I am looking forward to leading a Cuban bird survey with

  • Viewpoint: More MDI stories deserve happy endings 

    By Kendra Rand  As we experience this season of giving thanks, I reflect on my gratitude for this island community, particularly Island Housing Trust. My family and I just marked the sixth anniversary of living in our home in Sabah Woods, an IHT neighborhood established in 2010 in partnership with the generous and visionary Emily Sabah

  • Viewpoint: Mainers have spoken (about the corridor) 

    By Alexandra Lincoln   On Nov. 2, the people of Maine voted, by an overwhelming majority of 59 to 41, to stop the New England Clean Energy Corridor (NECEC). And yet, CMP continues, aided by the inaction of Governor Mills and the Maine DEP, to clearcut our forest, in blatant disregard of the will of the people. Which begs the question: Are we in a Democracy

  • Viewpoint: COVID-19 vaccinations prevent hospitalization, severe disease 

    By Julian Kuffler, M.D., MPH   In his opinion piece, “Viewpoint: Jab or job,” last week, Blake Rosso made a statement questioning the usefulness and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.  It is important to note that COVID-19 vaccines provide good, but not perfect, protection against infection, severe disease and transmission. Depending on a person’s health and how recently

  • Viewpoint: Reopening the border, reuniting families and rejuvenating Maine businesses 

    By Sen. Susan M. Collins  At long last, the U.S.-Canada land border reopened Nov. 8 for fully vaccinated Canadians. For many Maine families and small businesses, this day was long awaited.  The U.S. and our ally Canada have a long history of cooperation, which is fortunate given that our two countries share the longest international border in the world. This relationship is especially

  • Viewpoint: COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective for kids ages 5-11 

    Currently, Maine is slowly burning with COVID-19 cases. Our hospitals are full, schools are closing and most citizens are, quite reasonably, choosing to limit their activities to protect themselves and others. The measures Maine took during the first 18 months of the pandemic largely protected its residents. Now, the Delta variant is attacking, leaving more

  • Viewpoint: Jab or job 

    By Blake Rosso  Last week in New York City, disgruntled garbage workers dumped their trash on Mayor de Blasio’s lawn during a rally outside his mansion. The garbage collectors were city employees gathered with friends and family to protest the vaccine mandate that de Blasio put in place that forces city workers to choose between their employment and their bodily autonomy. The display might have lacked tact, but the message was loud and

  • Viewpoint: Preventing nursing home closures and protecting patients’ access to care 

    By Sen. Susan M. Collins  The COVID pandemic has taken an enormous toll on our health care providers, particularly long-term care facilities and rural hospitals. Four Maine nursing homes announced in September that they would be shutting their doors, displacing more than 100 residents, and many other long-term care facilities are struggling to stay open.  Over the

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