• Viewpoint: Keeper of hearts and bearer of goodies  

    By Todd R. Nelson   Most families have a keeper of legends, recipes and communications— someone at the hub of the familial spokes. Ours was Great Gramma Evelyn, my wife’s beloved Brooklyn-born grandmother.    Gramma Evelyn kept the stories that preserve the essence of family. She passed the news coast to coast in frequent postcards, daily phone calls

  • Viewpoint: Standing up for working waterfront doesn’t mean supporting industrial-scale aquaculture

    By Jerilyn M. Bowers Sebastian Belle is quick to lay blame (Islander, April 29) on a “few wealthy landowners” for “attacking the many who make their living on the water.” While that scenario makes for good theater, it is simply a clever attempt to distract you from the facts.   Let’s do as Mr. Belle suggests and “get the record straight” by reviewing the facts: 

  • Viewpoint: Disband the MRC

    By Jim Vallette It’s time to disband the Municipal Review Committee, which is responsible for managing the waste for 115 Maine towns and cities, including the four towns on Mount Desert Island, along with Cranberry Isles, Frenchboro, Swans Island and Trenton.  Several years ago, MRC and town officials ignored warnings about Fiberight, the untested company it courted to develop a

  • Viewpoint: Time to stand up for the working waterfront

    By Sebastian Belle  Let’s get the record straight. Fishermen and sea farmers have been coexisting along the coast of Maine for many years; we all make our living on the sea. The Maine Aquaculture Association was established in 1977. We depend on Maine’s clean ocean and healthy ecosystems to produce the world’s best seafood. We preserve Maine’s working waterfronts by building and supporting marine businesses.   Maine fishermen apply for permits or licenses to harvest a public resource. Sea farmers apply for leases and a series of licenses and permits to access public space and operate their farms raising mussels, oysters, kelp and salmon. No aquaculture leases issued in Maine grant the exclusive use of an area; they all

  • Viewpoint: Trenton voters should have final say on school issue

    By Susan Sargent  I feel I need to explain my actions to the voters of Trenton, if only so that the chaotic, hair-raising Hollywood drama of whether to withdraw from AOS 91, or remain, can be better understood. I believe it should not be two people, or three, or five, on the school board or on the Board of Selectmen who dictate to

  • Viewpoint: Confronting my own racism

    By Steve Wessler  For a long time, I believed I knew what white supremacy meant. For over 29 years, I have dedicated my professional life to preventing racial bias, harassment and violence. As head of the Maine Attorney General’s Civil Rights Unit for its first seven years, I brought perpetrators of racist violence to court. For the next

  • Viewpoint: COVID commons

    By Todd R. Nelson During testimony last week before Congress on the vaccination response to the COVID-19 virus, the “heated exchange” between Dr. Fauci and Rep. Jordan of Ohio revealed a well-worn, familiar false dichotomy running rampant in our society: rights versus responsibilities. Dr. Fauci was attempting to define the moment when we might expect

  • Viewpoint: Understanding the science 

    Due to the importance of vaccination in helping to end the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to address the points that Mr. Atlee brought up in his article published on March 25 to ensure that the readership of the Islander has access to accurate information. We are both Ph.D.-trained scientists in the field of biomedical research and so have extensive experience evaluating the types of primary sources cited by Mr. Atlee. 

  • Viewpoint: Distortions of reality 

    This is a response to Dick Atlee’s March 25 commentary, “Understanding the Risks.“  True to his many prior strident anti-vaccination letters to the editor, Mr. Atlee argues that the nation is being hypnotized by our best virologists, epidemiologists and public health officials to roll up our sleeves and receive the COVID vaccine. If you follow one

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