• Viewpoint: In support of a K-8 education

    By Katrina Linscott Throughout my 14 years teaching at Tremont Consolidated School, I have witnessed the myriad of ways K-8 education serves our students. The incredible events of last Friday clearly demonstrate this fact. In the effort to meet curricular requirements for music and physical education, PE teacher Emmy Watson and music teacher Allison Putnam

  • Viewpoint: Health Coverage Act will offer choices

    By Janet Mills   Campaigning across the state in 2018, I met so many people worried that they’ll never be able to afford health care. Small business owners bracing for unpredictable hikes in costs for the health insurance their employees all need to stay healthy and stay working. Seniors who are rationing prescription drug medications

  • Community Forum: A return to Dunnottar Castle

    By Todd R. Nelson As I think back, while visiting Dunnottar Castle for the second time a few weeks ago, my grandfather was the living link to the old country. Not because he was born there — he was the second generation born in the new country — nor because he had visited. He hadn’t.

  • Viewpoint: The wisdom of the Founding Fathers

    I am not sure that many folks today understand the wisdom of those men of more than two centuries ago who wrote our United States Constitution. People seem confused or have no knowledge about what is going on in our government today. The emotion of the moment seems to be more important than the “why”

  • Viewpoint: Impeachment: what Maine can teach the rest of the nation

    On the evening of April 1, 1940, State Controller William Runnells sustained two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the chest. Runnells’ nearly successful suicide attempt would punctuate the beginning of the last proceeding in Maine government that sought removal of a high-ranking government official. Though it’s been nearly four score years since this dramatic episode in

  • Community Forum: Innovation and excellence

    By Governor Janet Mills   Maine is at an economic crossroads. For generations, our forests, farmlands and waters have created economic opportunity all over this state. Furs, fisheries, timber and land made fortunes for many until the late 1800s, and then large-scale production of lumber, granite, ice and lime, fishing and shipbuilding drove success in

  • Viewpoint: Mistakes come with costs

    By Cornell Knight   In Arthur Grief’s letter to the editor in the Dec. 5 edition of the Islander he points out among many things, that the Town Council and Planning Board make mistakes, which are true. But what is also true is that Mr. Greif makes mistakes. Mistakes that cost taxpayers money. In Murphy

  • Viewpoint: Electricity innovation needed

    by Gary Friedmann   A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) is a nonprofit citizens organization with the mission of making Mount Desert Island energy independent by 2030. We have petitioned Maine’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to intervene in the sale of Emera Maine to ENMAX, a Canadian utility owned by the City of Calgary, Alberta. Maine

  • Community Forum: Who are the real extremists

    By John Buell   Is a candidate or party centrist? This question matters because many voters think of themselves as moderates or centrists. Some of my friends tell me they are waiting to find a good moderate to support. And many voters, not heavily engaged in the political process, are responsive to labels. Therefore the

  • Community Forum; Gardens and gratitude

    By Emily and Jim Fuchs High on our list of experiences for which we are grateful this Thanksgiving is having had the chance to know the life and works of landscape gardener Beatrix Farrand (1872-1959). Her gardens, public and private, are nationally and internationally celebrated. First we enjoyed her designs at Princeton University in New