• Viewpoint; On the basis of sex

    By Nancy Murdock   Maine has a chance to do what the United States as a nation has failed to do: include women as fully equal citizens in the eyes of the law. Except for the United States, nearly every developed nation has a constitution that has a provision to protect women and men from discrimination based

  • Viewpoint: Utility regulations need an upgrade

    By Nicole Grohoski   This spring, as the proposed CMP corridor has gained more public attention, I have heard from many of my constituents who have concerns about this project. People want to know how the environment will be affected. They want to know if there will be real, worthwhile economic and climate change mitigation

  • Community Forum; Library’s second century calls

    By Ron Beard   Visit the Jesup Library on most any day and you will find we are bursting at the seams. While George Dorr saw the need for a year-round library for Bar Harbor in the early 1900s, he could not foresee what a modern community library would become: lending books, to be sure;

  • Viewpoint: Schools and mental health

    Editor’s note: What follows is the text of a letter sent May 21 to U.S. Senator Susan Collins. Sen. Angus King, Rep. Jared Golden, State Sen. Louis Luchini and State Reps. Brian Hubbell, Genevieve McDonald and Nicole Grohoski were each also contacted with a similar request, Gousse said, and he urges residents to also contact

  • Viewpoints: Articles 4 and 5 Vote no

    By the Bar Harbor Town Council   On June 11 Bar Harbor residents will vote on two citizen petition questions. Article 5, intended to prevent cruise ship berthing, will prevent any pier or water related structure from exceeding 300 feet in length. The unintended consequences of this amendment are immense. It severely impacts the town’s

  • Viewpoints: Articles 4 and 5 Vote Yes

    By Charles Sidman   This guest opinion is written to explain the background and issues involved in what many regard as two uncomplicated and common sense citizens’ initiatives to protect essential values and characteristics in our treasured town. Question 4 restores former but since discarded citizen control of local town government, and Question 5 prevents

  • Capitol Commentary: Founders would be disappointed

    By Fred Benson   Standing at the desk in James Madison’s home library recently, a glance out the window yielded a picture of the same verdant fields of springtime Virginia and the tall peaks of the Shenandoah Mountains that he viewed. On the desk before me were copies of his drafts of the articles debated

  • Viewpoint: George Demas: The gift goes on

    By Nan Lincoln In a rather oblique way, George Demas, who died this past February, confirmed I had made the right decision almost 50 years ago when I first moved to Mount Desert Island as a year rounder with my toddler son. I’d been living at my mother’s home in suburban Boston, waiting for my

  • Viewpoint: Please support local fishermen

    By Shelley Wigglesworth   If you don’t think commercial fishermen are an endangered species, think again. I have been very vocal over the years about my feelings on the commercial fishing industry being in jeopardy, and highlighting the importance of just what an integral part the industry plays in not only the economy, but the

  • Guest Column: Spring cleaning the bookshelf

    By John March   As I do every year, last week I cast a cold eye on my bookshelves, pulling the books whose claim on my reading life had lapsed. I do this pruning when newer books (or new old books) need to be accommodated and something has to yield on my crowded shelves. The