Coming home

To The Editor:

There are so many things that make Mount Desert Island special to those of us lucky enough to be seasonal residents. Among them are the incredible natural beauty, the extraordinary people, the fabulous food and, then after time, the precious memories.

My family has been coming to this island since I was a child; now I am a most fortunate grandmother who can share this idealistic spot with my children and their children. My husband and I live near Somesville and Beech Mountain. We are neighbors to Camp Beech Cliff, which has become part of our definition of what makes MDI wonderful.

Decades ago, before we had grandchildren, we enlarged our small cabin to accommodate our family and included a loft for hoped for grandchildren. I dreamt one day that these children would spend parts of their summers with Oma and Opa and go to Camp Beech Cliff. Five years ago, that dream came true.

My oldest granddaughter, Abby, and now her brother, Sam, spend quite a few weeks enjoying all that CBC has to offer. They boat, swim, paint, sing, do all sorts of sports, throw clay, throw balls, put on plays, climb walls and ropes, shoot arrows and sometimes find time to eat lunch! In fact, they even learn to dog-sled in July.

But maybe the most important part of their experience is that they meet so many other children from the local schools as well as “away.” For these kids who live outside of Washington, D.C. (and for their younger California cousins to participate soon), their perspectives and relationships grow in ways that no screen could ever provide. And then they come “home” to Oma, which could not make me happier.

Congratulations, CBC, on your 20th anniversary. We look forward to being part of your thriving history in years to come.

Gail Amalia B. Katz

CBC Board Vice Chair

Mount Desert

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