Jill Goldthwait

  • Something new to offer

    Something new to offer

    Here is a parable for the new year: There is trouble among the fruit. Fruit are being mean, ganging up on each other. The action escalates: “The banana got hypnotized and killed the lime. The apples were not happy about that. But they did not do anything. They were too wise. The moral is, don’t

  • A new day

    A new day

    By Jill Goldthwait In this lull between Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year, substance abuse, particularly opioid use disorders, is once again the topic. The holidays are a particularly stressful time for people battling addiction and for those who love and want to support them. The hospitals of Hancock County, in partnership with Healthy Acadia,

  • Spare us the buzzwords

    Spare us the buzzwords

    With the Legislature at ease until January, the action just now is all on the federal side. Congress is in session and likely to remain there until just a few days before Christmas. Republicans in the House and Senate are attempting to reconcile differences between their two versions of tax reform. Democrats have not been

  • Candidates flock to races

    Candidates flock to races

    How the mighty have fallen. Heaped with praise for her courageous vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act just weeks ago, U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has been buried under an avalanche of outrage after her vote in favor of the Republican tax reform bill. Will Senate leadership keep the promises they made to secure Collins’

  • Make, mend, give

    Make, mend, give

    Urp. We did it. Thanksgiving is over. It is a great holiday to go local. The bird, pie pumpkin, squash, Brussels sprouts and potatoes all grow in abundance in Maine. If you went the supermarket route and used food from away, then poor you. If you bought it locally or raised it yourself, you had

  • Advice for candidates

    Advice for candidates

    Complaining about politics and politicians is a national pastime, but since it is Thanksgiving, let us try to look on the bright side. We do have much to be thankful for in Maine. First and foremost is that we are not Washington, nor are we any other state. We are glorious, earthy, funny, generous us.

  • Are legislators listening?

    Are legislators listening?

    We have done our duty, exercised our rights as citizens, stood up for democracy, maybe even made America great again. Now we can sit back and see if the Maine Legislature is willing to accept the vote of the people, or whether legislators will once again dismiss our stupid rights with a wave of their

  • In defense of the OFPR

    In defense of the OFPR

    There seem to be no limits to political attacks. Even the famous put-down of Sen. Joseph McCarthy by the chief counsel for the U.S. Army, Joseph Welch, sounds quaint by today’s standards. “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” cried Welch during the Senate hearing. Decency? What’s that? Gov. Paul LePage criticized the legislature’s Office