Jill Goldthwait

  • State of Maine: Ignominious end to legislative session

    State of Maine: Ignominious end to legislative session

    A review of this year’s legislative session looks remarkably similar to a competitive swimmer’s disqualification report. “Out of sequence.” “False start.” “Toes over lip of gutter.” “Delay of meet.” Legislators are guilty of almost everything except “early take-off.” There are many contributing factors to the unprecedented failure to complete the work of a legislative session.

  • Gun debate madness

    Gun debate madness

    Last Saturday, young people all over the country poured onto the streets to say, “Enough!” That included kids in Hancock County, who bussed down to Boston or turned out closer to home for marches, gatherings and conversation. They are stepping up to take on the responsibility that our leaders have shirked. They have initiated a

  • Ins and outs of ballot access

    Ins and outs of ballot access

    Saved! At the closing bell for party candidates, Democrat Chris Keefe of Ellsworth and Republican Mark Remick of Trenton stepped up to run for state representative for District 132, representing Ellsworth and Trenton. The seat was vacated by the term-limited Louie Luchini, a Democrat, and until perilously close to the March 15 deadline, there were

  • Port authority and home rule

    Port authority and home rule

    No job too small? Gov. Paul LePage stepped into a local debate about a port authority for the town of Bar Harbor, vetoing a bill that would have allowed town voters to decide whether they want one or not. Interest in the authority extends beyond Bar Harbor. Residents of the towns around Frenchman Bay have

  • A new generation of leaders

    A new generation of leaders

    By Jill Goldthwait At a recent event in Washington, D.C., promoting independent candidates for office, Maine’s Terry Hayes, an independent running for governor, said, “it’s time to break the stranglehold of partisanship and embrace a new, nonpartisan, common sense path forward that puts country over party.” Amen, sister! The definition of insanity, that if you