Jill Goldthwait

  • The rush to set a new bottom line

    The release of Governor Paul LePage’s budget last Friday was met with stunned silence. Budget watchers all over the state went around with thought bubbles over their heads that looked like this: ??!! This week, lips began to unzip. It is a juicily target-rich document, with jaw-dropping proposals throughout. It phases out the income tax.

  • Playing musical ‘chairs’ in Augusta

    The assigning of legislative committee seats took longer than usual this year, complicated by the math of a Republican Senate and a Democratic House. In brief, every committee would have a Democratic majority, despite having a Republican chair from the Senate side. Eventually, leadership reached agreement on Republican majorities for three of the sixteen joint

  • Leaving a partisan aftertaste

    Wonder of wonders. The Senate District 25 election “investigation” went off without a hitch and showed off our valiant legislators to fine advantage. Dark mutterings of election fraud notwithstanding, the problem proved to be an error during the initial recount in the secretary of state’s office. The obsessive compulsives among us had the opportunity to

  • It’s all a numbers game

    The 127th Legislature has convened, been sworn to duty and promptly blew out of town until the real action starts on Jan. 7. On their sole session day, they were introduced, as Speaker Mark Eves noted, to “legislative time.” A quibble in the House of Representatives over just who is constitutionally able to vote for

  • Half of Maine students left in dust

    Just days before the election, it’s anybody’s bet. Most of us are not statisticians. In fact, according to the recently released 2014 Education Indicators report from Educate Maine, a high school diploma or even a college degree is no indication that we can do the math. Maine has an 86 percent high school graduation rate,