Jill Goldthwait

  • ‘Big stick’ governance

    ‘Big stick’ governance

    If you drove by the Blaine House last week, you may have caught a glimpse of Gov. Paul LePage standing in front of an open window, breathing deeply and doing his stretching exercises in preparation for this week’s State of the State address. As part of his warm-up routine, he was walking loudly in the

  • Candidates in it to win it

    Candidates in it to win it

    The headcount for the 2018 gubernatorial election stands at 24, down from a high of 29. Five candidates have withdrawn from the race. Both Libertarians and one of two Green Independent candidates have left the field, as have one Democrat and one Republican. Running for governor is a daunting proposition. For those who have never

  • Public health and industry profit

    Public health and industry profit

    Governor, you’re right on this one. For two years, Gov. Paul LePage has been trying to persuade the federal government to allow the state of Maine to restrict the purchase of soda and candy through the food stamp (SNAP) program. Last week, for the second time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture denied the request. In

  • Net neutrality and education

    Net neutrality and education

    Gov. Paul LePage has started a literacy campaign. Sort of. His response to a high school student who wrote to him with concerns about the repeal of net neutrality rules was “Pick up a book and read!” He’ll get no argument here about the reading part. For those who have grown up with their noses

  • Local races quiet, so far

    It’s Secretary of State Matt Dunlap 1, feds 0. President Donald Trump decided it was better to extinguish the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity than to allow full access by commission members to commission documents and proceedings. There were just four Democrats named to the 11-member commission, and one of them has since died.

  • Something new to offer

    Something new to offer

    Here is a parable for the new year: There is trouble among the fruit. Fruit are being mean, ganging up on each other. The action escalates: “The banana got hypnotized and killed the lime. The apples were not happy about that. But they did not do anything. They were too wise. The moral is, don’t

  • A new day

    A new day

    By Jill Goldthwait In this lull between Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year, substance abuse, particularly opioid use disorders, is once again the topic. The holidays are a particularly stressful time for people battling addiction and for those who love and want to support them. The hospitals of Hancock County, in partnership with Healthy Acadia,

  • Spare us the buzzwords

    Spare us the buzzwords

    With the Legislature at ease until January, the action just now is all on the federal side. Congress is in session and likely to remain there until just a few days before Christmas. Republicans in the House and Senate are attempting to reconcile differences between their two versions of tax reform. Democrats have not been