• Nature: Sea colander grows in winter

    November brings to Mount Desert Island a struggling mixture of summer and winter moods. Frosty mornings contrast with afternoons so warm you may hear a peeper hopelessly calling for a mate! Nature is winding down but as we know quite well there is always something of interest going on in the out-of doors. Watch these

  • State of Maine: Libraries are a haven

    The mid-term elections are just days away now, and the deadline for opining about the candidates has passed. So now, in the final frenzy, we must look elsewhere for subject matter. We could talk about skunks, which are unusually abundant on Mount Desert Island this fall. Likewise, deer in Gouldsboro. We could talk about birds,

  • State of Maine: State Senate races in focus

    Two state Senate districts have territory in Hancock County. One is District 7, the seat from which Republican Brian Langley is retiring due to term limits. Two termed-out legislators from the House of Representatives are vying to replace him. Republican Richard Malaby of Hancock is owner of the Crocker House in Hancock, and campaign season

  • State of Maine: Chatter at the transfer station

    On we go with legislative candidates. In House District 137, Republican Larry Lockman (Amherst) is being challenged by Democrat Doug Bunker (Franklin). An avowed conservative, Lockman is no stranger to controversy based on his views about women, abortion, gays and immigrants. Those views, and the language he uses to support them, have been sufficiently extreme

  • State of Maine: Campaign trail learning curve

      The lawn signs are up and the candidates are out, many of them new to politics. District 132 has Democrat Nicole Grohoski (Ellsworth) up against Republican Mark Remick (Trenton). Grohoski, a cartographer, works for a Maine organization that assists with community-based planning through GIS mapping technology. Grohoski sees plenty of room for improvement in

  • State of Maine: The citizen legislature

    Five months beyond the April 18 statutory adjournment date, the 128th Legislature finally called it quits, but they could not avoid letting the door hit them on the way out. Governor Paul LePage accused departing legislators of everything from “shifty financing” to “insouciant oversight.” He reserved special ire for Senate President Mike Thibodeau, whose efforts

  • Capitol Commentary

    A midterm State of the Union assessment By Fred Benson Forty-six days from now, voters will go to the polls to set the nation’s political azimuth for the next two years. Most midterm elections are unconvincingly described as being far more important than others, but this time it’s real. It is widely acknowledged that the