Letter to Editor: Coexisting with deer

To the Editor:

When I drive, day or night, I always know one fact: a deer can run in front of my car. For this reason I go a bit slower and I am always scanning the roadsides.

I have had a few encounters, but since I was going slow and looking for the deer, accidents were averted. Without any research data, I am going to make the assumption that the majority of deer-car accidents can be averted in this way.

Car-deer accidents are not a reason to inspire the hunting of deer on Mount Desert Island. I personally believe there is only one reason to kill an animal and that is for needed food. There are many areas in Maine where a hungry family can hunt a deer for food. Lets us allow our island to remain a sanctuary for all animals.

Because of our technology and self-awareness, most humans think that they need to be in charge and control Mother Nature. This is so wrong. We are just one species among millions. We must learn how to co-exist with all species, not to dominate them.

With the limiting factors of weather, food supply and natural diseases, the deer population has a carrying capacity on MDI. The numbers will remain relatively constant. Let’s put up garden fences, drive slowly with a watchful eye and enjoy our island with the deer.

Robert Chaiken

Bar Harbor

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