Climate march

To the Editor:

On Saturday, April 29, residents of MDI and beyond will gather at the Village Green in Bar Harbor for the Downeast Climate March.

The event coincides with the Climate March in Washington, D.C., as well as marches in countless locations across the U.S.

These marches are an outgrowth of the 2014 People’s Climate Movement, when 400,000 people marched in New York City, bringing attention to the climate crisis ahead of the U.N. Climate Conference that year. That march made a difference. Very real strides were made in the ensuing years, but the U.S. has been backpedalling of late. It is time to redouble our efforts in order to raise the level of the conversation.

Even as there has been growing awareness of the dire effects of climate change, (rising sea levels, drought, storms and disease, to name a few) and most of the developed world has been taking positive actions to restrict greenhouse gases, the United States is again retreating from taking on this challenge. The new administration instead calls climate change a hoax and intends to dismantle policies and regulations that combat climate change.

I urge my fellow citizens who care about preserving the natural world to march on April 29. Raise your voices to demand action on climate change.

I grew up in an era when you could not safely breathe the air or drink the water in much of our country. Corporations were allowed to poison us in the name of profit. As a nation, we demanded change, and in large part, that change happened. Will we now allow that to be taken away? Will we allow the legacy of a habitable planet to be stolen from our children and grandchildren?

There is at least something we can do about it. We can march.

Dixie Hathaway

Bar Harbor

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