Climate coalition

To the Editor:

Even though the administration in Washington is doing its best to remove us from the Paris Agreement, a coalition of states, cities and businesses recently unveiled a plan to combat climate change and advance our clean energy economy. If this coalition was a country, it would be the third largest economy in the world. The plan shows how local governments and companies will work together to meet and exceed America’s previous commitment to the Paris Agreement.

The “We Are Still in” pledge from this plan has 252 cities, 1,780 businesses, 339 colleges, 213 faith communities and over a million Americans signed on.

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, the coalition held a nationwide day of action to showcase its commitment for the negotiators meeting in Bonn, Germany, at the COP 23 global climate discussions.

The majority of Americans strongly support the Paris Agreement. But the majority of people didn’t stop Trump from being elected, and the majority isn’t stopping him and Secretary Pruitt from withdrawing from the agreement. By withdrawing, the current administration has abandoned U.S. leadership on clean energy and put hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs at risk.

Federal leadership may have failed, but thousands of local, state and corporate leaders are fully committed to doing their part to keep America on a path to combat climate change and transform our economy to that of one that flourishes on clean energy.

Businesses small and large support the Paris Agreement because they know investing in clean energy technologies means American leadership, innovation and jobs for Maine.

Amy Roebuck

Mount Desert


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