Climate changes

To the Editor:

A Climate to Thrive was disheartened by the recent announcement from President Donald Trump that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate agreement signed by nearly every country on the planet last year.

Regardless of this misguided, irresponsible decision, we will continue undaunted toward our goal of energy independence for Mount Desert Island by 2030. We recognize, as do the vast majority of Americans, that the reality and the dangers of climate change cannot be ignored and that it will take the actions of all of us to reduce the factors such as fossil fuel use and overconsumption that are driving these changes.

We also are cognizant that there are many more future jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency than in fossil fuels.

Already today, solar employs more people than in fossil fuel power generation. We are working to realize those economic opportunities in clean energy for MDI. In the process, our communities, health and quality of life will benefit, as well as our environment and climate. MDI residents, businesses and municipalities are already “solarizing.” We are improving building energy use, reducing waste, looking to electric vehicles, eating more local food and less meat and dairy, and finding other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope that you will join with us to continue our mission, now made even more urgent by the president’s unfortunate announcement.

John Craigo

ACTT Board Member

Bar Harbor

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