Climate awareness

To the Editor:

On April 29, Mainers will be marching in Washington, D.C., Augusta and Bar Harbor to raise awareness of climate change, the resulting challenges we face and the actions that must be taken to slow the dangerous effects we are already experiencing here in Maine and around the world.

We want Rep. Bruce Poliquin to know that here in Bar Harbor, many of us have chosen to march at home instead of traveling to Washington in order to reduce our carbon footprint at the same time as we make our voices heard locally. Participation in the March, either here or in Augusta, would send a strong message to Poliquin’s constituents about his commitment to addressing the serious impacts of climate change.

The worldwide effects of climate change are well known: stronger storms, drought, floods, sea level rise. Yet we need go no further than the forests of Maine to see the encroaching effects of a warming climate.

A study by the Maine Department of Environmental protection concluded that “climate change greatly increases the vulnerability of more than one-third of Maine’s species of conservation concern.”

For example, our moose population is declining due to shorter-duration winters and the resulting increase in many parasites, including ticks. The study goes on to state that “mild winters and moderating climate benefit deer populations that serve as ‘reservoirs’ for many of these parasites.”

Thus, we are seeing a major increase in Lyme disease.

Other impacted populations include lobster, shrimp, lynx and brook trout.

As our elected representative, Poliquin’s participation on the Downeast Climate March in Bar Harbor on April 29 would assure Mainers that he will use his voice and his votes in Congress to protect our special ecosystem, which is not only the soul of Maine but the heart of its economy.

We hope he will join us on Saturday.

Jennifer Booher

Anna Durand

Amy Roebuck

Members of Indivisible MDI

Bar Harbor

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