Civility rules

To the Editor:

Recently, the lack of civility has been in the news, in our minds, and we have even seen examples in our town. On Friday night, I attended the forum for Democratic and Independent candidates for the 2nd Congressional District held at Mount Desert Island High School. Almost 200 people were there to see six candidates discuss their views on diverse topics important to voters.

The conversation was deftly guided by Jill Goldthwait, who treated all candidates fairly and provided equal time for all of them to speak.

I listened intently for two hours and never heard a moment of rudeness or intolerance from the candidates, the moderator or the audience. I doubt that I am alone in feeling gratitude for this example of civility and feeling hope that we can and should uphold the standards that were exemplified at this event. Thank you to all who participated. This is what democracy looks like.

Jill Weber

Bar Harbor

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